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What is Marketing Collateral?: Powerful Marketing Tools!

Marketing collateral is basically the collection of different kinds of media and advertising tools that are employed to accomplish specific sales objectives.

Different industries and businesses offer a wide array of marketing collateral. They can be of various types since we have to keep in mind both digital and printed material.

The characteristic feature of marketing collateral is that it emphasizes the business, and it is a form of communication or advertisement for your business. Let’s see what are the different types of marketing collateral. 

1. Types of Marketing Collateral: What is Marketing Collateral?

There are various types of marketing collateral that can be used by any brand or company; let’s take a look at the most popular and most used ones, along with what are the benefits of using them.

1.1. Blog Posts

Blog Posts are among the most popular forms of creating marketing collateral used for different businesses. It is a way in which you can share content on your website as frequently as you like.

They can be for varied topics and lengths of articles and can be used for marketing in multiple ways. 

One of the benefits of blog posting is that they can hold a Call to Action (CTA) in them, which can help them focus on one result. Secondly, they are very helpful for increasing your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

They are also very helpful to sales for their pitch and other marketing purposes. 

1.2. e-books

Obviously, it is synonymous with a book, so an ebook can be a tool that shows how expert a particular company is in a field or industry.

It gives an educational direction to a complicated matter and then breaks it down into forms that anyone can easily understand.

The benefits of using e-books are numerous. For example, they can provide a very in-depth coverage of topics and educate their audience.

These are downloadable, so you can download and access them anytime without internet access, and they are also designed to assist you in gaining a better understanding with the help of relevant images, data, and infographics. 

1.3. White Papers

These are just like e-books but not so lengthy and more technical. This marketing collateral type usually focuses on more complex topics and is used for credibility purposes or understanding the company’s positioning.

They are very beneficial as these are basically case studies that are verifiable.

What are Whitepapers? | Scripted

Since these have data backed by evidence, experiences, theories, and facts, this is a reliable and persuasive marketing collateral. These can be used to sell sheets in multiple ways for marketing and research purposes. 

1.4. Landing Pages

 A landing page is part of a website, but the goal is not the same. The aim of setting up a landing page is actually to get a CTA.

These are pages that will provide you with specific information about what you are looking for, and the most beneficial part is that these pages are not permanent.

This implies that if you put them up for a marketing campaign, you can remove them later without impacting your website.

They are very effective in running tests like A/B testing, as you can remove the one that responds less, thus helping as digital marketing collateral.

1.5. Testimonials

The positive feedback that your product or service receives from existing customers is known as a testimonial. They help new clients or prospective customers understand what is special about your brand and if it is the exact product/service they are looking for.

The benefit of putting up testimonials is that their relatability factor increases when other potential customers read them.

Secondly, it gives more credibility to your brand as it is not you who is praising them but other users.

Lastly, it is among those marketing materials that help build trust and bring in loyal customers. 

1.6. Infographics

The visual representation of a topic, key point, or literally anything important is known as an infographic.

The idea is that instead of writing something, it can be put up in a pictorial or more visual format. Since these are not written things, they are symbolic and understood by a lot of people, even if they can not read.

So, automatically, the reach of something like this is very large compared to a normal written piece. The idea here is communicating in a simplified manner and making higher engagement.

It is a creative way to reach a larger audience, and like videos, these are also very easily shareable and can speak a lot with just one image; thus, they are easy to create marketing collateral.

1.7. Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so now imagine a video. A video is the most interactive marketing form that any brand can use, and it can be used for branding, educating, or creating awareness. They are very much in trend right now as they are very engaging.

These can be easily shared, and you can express much in just 1 minute. Due to the short duration, informative nature, and content, they are often shared, which helps the brands.

You can make new videos for every fad and keep them in trend with a small effort, so it is a very effective marketing collateral.

1.8. Automated Emails

Automated emails are the most common marketing collateral examples that have been used for a very long time by the sales and marketing teams of all companies.

As time passes by, the emails are getting more creative. They basically help businesses keep track of their clients and give them reminders and introductions to new products/services.

Email Automation with Sender

They are very useful because they are a form of marketing that can be measured so you can make changes accordingly.

They are also customizable and scheduled, so you can operate them how you want to build your brand identity and personality. 

9. Final Thoughts

As we have seen in the article, there are many different types of marketing collateral that are used in today’s world. These can be for a content marketing strategy or sales presentations; the idea is to tap the target audience and generate leads while following brand guidelines and sales process.

We can infer from the above that different types of data presentations have different purposes and can be used for marketing strategies like online and printed marketing collateral. 

But to achieve a holistic and successful marketing outcome, it is recommended that you use a mix of a few, like printed marketing materials, visual elements, and direct mail, which suits your product/service, helps bring in new customers, and helps your company build brand awareness.

  1. Wow, this article really breaks down the importance of marketing collateral! I never realized how powerful these tools could be in building a brand. The examples provided make it easy to understand. Great job!

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