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Guide to Getting a Job with an MBA and No Experience

A recent tech graduate who wasn’t getting a good job offer with a high enough salary to my liking. And I thought, can I do an MBA degree? And do I get a job after that?

And when I searched online, many had a view that I shouldn’t do it – not without a few years of slogging elsewhere.

But hear me out – it is a myth that an MBA degree with no experience will lead you nowhere because you can always get a job and a good stable career even with no experience.

And so, after I did an MBA, I began my job search – and this article will help you know how you can too! Your MBA surely does pay off efficiently given you know how to put it to use. 

1. Here is what I did when I applied for Jobs after my MBA

1.1. I Did not Start with Sky-High Expectations

 Yes, do not aim for the sky on day 1. This is a slow and steady process and it will take time to climb the ladder and reach the top. I applied to many many job opportunities – and waited.

I knew I was already filtered with the help of your MBA so a part of the ladder is already conquered. I did not shy about starting small, because if you excel at small things, you will very quickly do more.

1.2. I also looked for Internships

I did get a job later on but that did not stop me from looking for good internships. Although these are not long-term solutions, I feel these can build your portfolio.

Good internships also provide training with commitment and time-sensitive environments.

For me, it helped me try various fields and narrow down my options to choose the long-term final job after my MBA.

1.3. I kept on adding certifications and qualifications

Try learning ancillary courses that complement your MBA – I did the same.

I also chose a sub-course of my MBA specialization which helped me set out from the pool of candidates in the same stream.

1.4. I invested time on making an excellent resume and cover letter

What leaves your first impression on recruiters is your resume and cover letter.

In my applications, I provided all details and everything that is important or which is something I wanted the recruiter to not miss at any cost.

While drafting my cover letter, i customized it for all the different roles that I was applying to each, stating why I would be a good fit for that post.

1.5. I made appropriate use of my contacts 

All the contacts and networking that I acquired in my business school while I was pursuing your MBA came in handy now.

MBA alumni and networks lead to high places. Keep in mind to look for appropriate referrals, recommendations, and people with influence in the hiring process.

Mail, message and meet them and keep them updated that you have completed your MBA and you’re looking for a job through all means to make sure that they inform or recommend you whenever they find a suitable position. 

1.6. Orient Yourself and Clarify what are you Looking For 

Have a clear and concise goal in your mind, and know what you want.

You should be so convinced of the same that when you are sitting across a recruiter you can explain to them why you are the perfect fit for the role and why you want to apply for the same.

Recruiters like people who are clear about their choices, who are concrete in their words, who can keep up with their commitments, and who provide excellent subject insight and knowledge. 

2. What Entry-level Positions can you apply for after your MBA?

There are numerous entry-level jobs that you can apply for the eligibility for which you clear right after getting your MBA and the following are some of the best options.

2.1. Sales and Marketing Manager 

After you have done your MBA in the specialization of Sales and Marketing you can very well apply for the managerial post in any established company.

These jobs require satisfying the customer accounts on the sales and marketing fronts.

The job also involves trend and customer analysis, providing targeted marketing, and eventually helping the client to reach good overall sales. 

2.2. Product Manager

This is an entry-level job that you can secure after a wide variety of MBA domains like finance or marketing.

This role involves the generation of profit for a company while keeping your focus struck on one product or product line.

It involves complete analysis and study of the market and the competitors, along which choosing the best way to gain maximum profit earliest.

2.3. Web Designer

 Anybody who has completed an MBA in IT or some technology can apply for this position.

A very versatile job that helps you stay in touch with your creativity.

A very fast-growing job with fixed clients and a lot of other benefits like choosing the time you want to work for, having freelancing opportunities along with the option of remote work as well. 

2.4. Human Resource Manager 

If you have completed your MBA in Human Resources you can apply for the position of Human Resource Manager; this is a role that is well suited for people who are into recruiting and can work well with people.

It is a role that gives you quick growth up the ladder and scope for good and early positions.

2.5. Financial Analyst

After you have completed your MBA in Finance you can apply for the Financial Analyst role, which is a high-demand role in a lot of companies specifically insurance-related, banks, and security firms.

These are very high-demand roles currently and there is a lot of demand for financial analysts in the market with low to no experience too.

2.6. Customer Relations and Consultancy

After you have finished your MBA, this can be a great choice. In fact, I interned at one of these consultancies after my MBA. Maintaining good relations with all customers on board and providing due diligence are among the top things required, along with providing strategic solutions to their problems. 

I hope this article has shed some light on what you can do after your MBA, what certifications you can add to your resume, and what jobs you can look for. And I hope my experience can guide you too to make better choices.

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. There are many jobless degree holders in our world. It is necessary to pay attention on our basics and to set a goal to get a good job. In this article I found almost all essential information to get a good job. Very well articulated.

  2. Insightful! The information you provided is the need of today’s time and I think the options you mentioned are really worth learning and doing with MBA or without it because they are those options which are in demand and there are few people holding a proper skillset into this,so definitely it was insightful!

  3. Remember, the key is to be open-minded, flexible, and proactive in your job search. Leverage your MBA network, seek guidance from career services, and be persistent in your pursuit of opportunities. Over time, as you gain experience and demonstrate your capabilities, you can explore more advanced roles within your chosen field.

  4. It is an enlightening article for the people who gets worried when they have no experience to make a career. Your post is highlighting some of the important aspects on which one should work upon.

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