Chilled Sprite cans on ice. Chilled Sprite cans on ice.

Green with Envy: How Sprite Sparkled Its Way to the Top and Became a Global Phenomenon

I am sure you like Sprite, the beverage now owned by Coca-Cola. It was initially launched in Germany then after the initial run hit it off, it was launched in America.

This is where it gained its status and the renowned name that it stands by today. I like sodas – and I have had everything from Dr. Pepper to owning a Soda Fizz at home.

But there is something about Sprite that kicks me. This is a refreshing drink. I mean, you can compare it with lemonade. But it has got the soda in it we need – and yet tastes so different to the other ones. It’s a see-through drink, and yet has a distinct taste. And I could also use this as a drink and a mixer with my favorite alcohols.

So, when was it introduced to the world?

It was introduced by Coca-Cola over 50 years ago, actually. This move was directed to beat the competition 7Up. When we go fifty years down the lane, today it stands as the world’s best lemon-lime flavored soft drink

Available in almost 200 countries, it is the world’s third-largest brand of soft drinks now. It is a clear liquid, with no additive flavors or caffeine, the natural flavor of lemon and lime provide a crisp taste thus making it a bestseller. 

By James Quincy, Chairman and CEO of the company, Sprite has reached heights in India due to perfectly timed and targeted marketing, suiting the local audience most. So, Icy Whiz went around and asked people why they loved Sprite, and looked at why this drink became so popular.

1. Sprite played it smart – it targeted youth like us

Right when the product launched, it had a very clear vision as to who was their target audience and therefore did everything under control to allure the youth. Right from the packaging to the slogans. 

The taste that aims to rejuvenate, the shape of the bottle specifically designed for Sprite, the whole brand image radiates a sense of clarity right from the color of the drink to their slogans like ‘ Obey your thirst’. It gives you a whole new perspective of something new and individualistic. 

The brand uses different and quirky advertising techniques, use of DJ-ing, graffiti, sports, photography, and fashion to impart a sense of freedom and free movement as seen in the youth, and this kind of appeal is a major win for getting this segment on board. 

As my friend tells me,

Well,it doesn’t have that caffeine buzz. It’s just pure, lemon-lime refreshment

Raj Kiran

Another smart feature of their advertising has been the use of authentic concepts, there is no manipulation to stimulate demand. Instead, they use creative ideas like advertising during large sports events and using both new and established players for the same.

Their presence on social media also works like marketing because of the strong influence it creates via those platforms, and manages to sway the audience in the brand’s favor. I mean, have you seen their perky ads?

2. Why is the Green Color for Sprite?

A lot of research had been done before the public release of Sprite and a large number of designs were rejected for the logo and the label. Even the color was finalized after several rounds of debate. 

Green finally made it. It was selected to represent Sprite because it is an everyday color, it has a soothing effect, and is easy to see.

It stands out but not in an aggressive manner and it connects to fresh and natural and resonates well with the idea of refreshing. 

3. Advertising for Sprite 

They have always been very artsy and different in their marketing. Starting with the mascot Miles Thirst, which was on television ads featuring the soft drink. 

It has upgraded the technology within advertising also, for example when Snapchat was at its peak, it collaborated and launched bottles with Snap codes to make the packaging more exciting and interactive for the consumers. 

Although they started with adults, they very swiftly shifted the focus to the younger crowds, so quickly and seamlessly it was that it looked like they never were even there.

I asked around what people liked about the ads, and here is what Simran, a college goer, told.

Sprite’s ‘Obey Your Thirst’ slogan speaks to me. It’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s about living life to the fullest.

Simran Pandey

They used humor as another aspect of their large advertising on billboards they used to put some light-hearted jokes to make the people understand the brand’s idea behind the product while entertaining them. 

SPRITE Ad by Stormy Jones

Physical advertisement is also their strong suit, placing the ad where the whole idea of this is a soft drink that is refreshing and can quench your thirst appropriately is always achieved. 

They are very wordy and cool with their slogans and make them very direct and interesting. For example, some slogans from the 60s and 70s are ‘ Naturally Tart ‘, ‘ Taste Its Tingling Tartness’ and ‘ It’s Natural ‘. 

4. What is Sprite Made up Of?

I looked up the ingredients for you, so you don’t have to.

  • Carbonated water
  • Acidity regulator
  • Natural lemon
  • Citric acid
  • Sugar
  • Sweeteners
  • Lime flavorings

It has no caffeine and about 140 calories in 12 ounces.  In fact, this is what appeals to many that we asked.

I appreciate that Sprite keeps it simple: no caffeine, just natural flavors. It’s refreshing in every sense of the word.

Preetam Roy

5. Flavors of Sprite 

Sprite comes in about two to three dozen flavors and some of the most popular of the lot are as follows.

  • Original 
  • Ice Mint 
  • Sprite Cherry
  • 6 Mix
  • Flavor Hits 
  • Peach
  • Lemon and Mint 

6. The Parent Company of Sprite 

The parent company of Sprite, Coca-Cola is the world’s dominator in the beverage industry with a presence in more than 200 countries and territories and they employ more than 700,000 people across the globe and work to make themselves bigger and better every day. 

Coca-Cola works with a very strong work ethic and has a very concise and convenient work policy for all employees. They aim that the people they employ get to work in the best surroundings so they can feel great, work better and inspire others the same.

In India alone, Sprite has become a billion-dollar player when we consider sales, second only after Thumbs Up.

Sprite for its parent company Coca-Cola in India plays the role of the biggest contributor to the volume-led growth. For the Indian subcontinent, it has the highest rate of household penetration. 

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  1. What an interesting article. Sprite is a leading carbonated drink now a days. Sprite is often widely used as a home remedy for an upset stomach. We consume it with our daily beverages. This article helps me to know about the pros and cons of sprite.

  2. I found this article on Sprite’s history and its association with Coca-Cola quite intriguing. The insights into its initial launch in Germany, subsequent success in America, and strategic moves to compete with 7Up add a fascinating layer to its evolution over the past 50 years. It’s impressive to see how Sprite, introduced by Coca-Cola, has become the world’s third-largest brand of soft drinks, known for its crisp lemon-lime flavor. The details on its rise in India through well-tailored marketing also caught my attention, highlighting the global impact of this iconic beverage.

  3. Compared to other drinks I generally preferred sprite all the time but through this article I got to know many facts about the sprite. It has got so many flavors but personally I like lemon and mint flavor of it.

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