Iconic singer smiling in limousine, Los Angeles 1987. Iconic singer smiling in limousine, Los Angeles 1987.

Lost Voices: The Tragic Tale of Whitney Houston and Her Daughter

Whitney Elizabeth Houston’s death, the American singer and actress, also popularly known as “The Voice,” was a big shock to the entire world and the music industry, more so as it happened one night before the Grammy Awards.She died in the Beverly Hilton Hotel due to accidental drowning, and another reason was cocaine and prescription medication consumption, which was shown in the toxicology report. Let us understand more about her suspicious death in the article below.

1. How did Whitney Houston Die?

There are surprising facts that were found in the county coroner’s office report about how Houston died. And the more shocking element is that the initial and final reports were not exactly the same.

According to the toxicology report, it was not just cocaine use because it was not present at a level that the star could have overdosed and died, but saying that it was also claimed from the report that she was a repeated cocaine user.

It was like anti-anxiety medication Xanax, heart disease, and cocaine were a perpetual happening in her life, nothing that could shoot up in a moment and lead to the singer’s death in the hotel room.

Whitney Houston
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The toxicology report, which entails the substances in a person’s body, found that cocaine was related to her death, not causal, but related. They also found other substances like marijuana, Xanax, Benadryl, and Flexeril in her body, but these didn’t cause her death.

The chief coroner, Craig Harvey, said that there was water in her lungs, showing that she was alive when she went underwater. Another person from the coroner’s office, Ed Winter, suggested two possible scenarios for how she died. 

One possibility is that she passed out because of the cocaine and then drowned, and the other one was that she had a heart attack and then drowned. Most probably, something like this or similar happened. 

Dr. Lea McMahon LCP, EdD, Chief Clinical Officer, Symetria Recovery, talked to the Icy Whiz team on the toxicology report on Whitney Houston’s death. Here is what she said:

Dr. Lea McMahon LPC, EdD
Dr. Lea McMahon LPC, EdD

“The dichotomy of fame is that those who experience it are supposed to be living charmed, carefree lives.

If there is anything that stories of Hollywood tragedy tell us, those who may seemingly be on the top of the world with mindblowing talent and ethereal beauty are just as vulnerable to substance abuse disorders as mere mortals.

On February 11, 2012, accomplished and undeniably talented Whitney Houston passed away from an accidental drowning while under the influence of illegal substances.

While her death was shocking in and of itself, the causes and contributing factors to her death caught many people off guard.   

It is reported that Whitney’s drug use began in her 20s as her career was taking off.

It is most likely her long-term drug use is what led to the common side effects of substance abuse: respiratory system damage, cardiac conditions, increased infections, internal (and irreparable) physical deterioration, and kidney and liver damage.

I believe all necessary biological systems are highly vulnerable to any kind of substance abuse, especially that which is long-term and unaddressed.  

Whitney Houston’s autopsy reported she had heart disease upon death, and she also had cocaine in her system.

While these details are not what most people associate with such a beautiful talent that Whitney, as an addiction specialist, I do hope the world remembers her for her authentic talent and vibrant life and not the cause of her death and the addictions she suffered from.”

2. Whitney Houston’s Last Moments

On February 11, the day she died, Houston made her final public performance singing “Jesus Loves Me” with Kelly Price at a pre-Grammys party in Hollywood.

Houston was discovered in Suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where she was found in her bathtub and wasn’t responsive.

Whitney Houston's friend/former lover, Robyn Crawford, spills shocking tea! (RED TABLE TALK)

Earlier in the day, at 3:15 p.m., Houston seemed okay when she spoke to her mother, Cissy Houston. But then the hotel security was called even before 4 pm because Whitney’s assistant said that she could not get a response from Whitney, who was then in a bathtub.  

The police, who were already at the hotel for a pre-Grammy Awards party, arrived at her suite two minutes later, and tried to do CPR to revive her, but sadly, she was declared dead at 3:55 p.m.

3. Whitney’s Daughter

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only child of the famous duo Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  She died at a very tender age of 22 years in 2015 after struggling for a long time in the hospital. The death was very close to her mother’s death just three years ago. 

What is the most surprising or actually shocking part of the whole incident is that Kristina died in a very similar manner to her mother, as if it was a Houston family tradition. 

The autopsy report conducted for Kristine found that the major reason or cause for her death was again a combination of drug intoxication and death from drowning.

Whitney Houston
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In her case, Kristina was found drowned in her own house’s bathroom by her husband, and a friend, who once found Kristina unresponsive, quickly called 911 and tried to retrieve her back by giving CPR. 

Due to her severe condition, an ambulance was called; she was hospitalized then and even put into an induced coma. When this was revoked, she was not able to cope with the traumatic events happening in her body and was again sedated to see if she could recover. Her brain had been severely damaged. 

Although she was surrounded by friends and family during those 6 months of suffering and even celebrated her 22nd birthday in the hospital bed, she could not be saved eventually and faced a demise, an untimely death just like her mother. 

When the Icy Whiz team interviewed Dr. Ketan Parmar, MBBS, DPM – Psychiatry, MD, on the impact of Whitney Houston’s toxicology report and her relationship struggles with her daughter, he uncovered some lesser-known aspects. Here is what he had to say:

Ketan Parmar
Ketan Parmar

“The toxicology report revealing the substances involved in Whitney Houston’s death significantly shaped public discourse around her legacy. It drew attention to the often-overlooked reality of substance abuse among celebrities, highlighting the pressures of fame and the vulnerabilities of those in the spotlight.

The explicit details of the substances found in her system may have altered some fans’ perceptions, shifting the narrative from her accomplishments to her struggles with addiction.

This shift underscores the complex relationship between public figures and their private battles.

Whitney Houston’s Passing and Its Parallels with Her Daughter’s Tragedy

The tragic parallels between the deaths of Whitney Houston and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, reflect a cycle of addiction and familial trauma that is not uncommon in families where substance abuse is prevalent.

These incidents underscore the hereditary and environmental factors contributing to addiction.

The mirrored circumstances of their demise highlight the devastating impact of addiction on families, warning of the need for increased support and understanding for individuals struggling within such dynamics.

Exploring Psychological Aspects of Whitney Houston’s Struggles

  • Addiction

Addiction is a multifaceted disease influenced by a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors.

In Whitney Houston’s life, the public pressures of maintaining her star persona, alongside personal vulnerabilities, likely exacerbated her struggle with substance dependency.

  • Personal Struggles

Beyond addiction, Whitney Houston faced immense pressures from her career, exacerbated by the expectations and scrutiny of the public and media. The psychological toll of such pressures can be profound, leading to increased substance use as a form of coping.

  • Relationships

Complicated personal and professional relationships likely played a significant role in Whitney Houston’s psychological well-being. The dynamics of her relationships, particularly those marked by stress and conflict, may have influenced her struggles with substance abuse.”

4. Some Surprising Facts about Witney Houston

In her reports and body checkups after her death, it was found out that Whitney underwent a few surgeries for breast augmentation, as the marks for the same could be seen on her chest. 

Consumption of cocaine is done in various ways, and different people use different things for the same. Some people snort cocaine using small spoons and it looks like this was the case with Whitney too. This is because a small spoon was found by the examiners in her bathroom when they were investigating her death. 

Due to the nature of her profession, Whitney had to remain at her best appearance in spite of how things actually were. This was proved further when her body was examined, and it was found that she wore a permanent wig that was tightly stuck to her scalp. 

She also wore a denture so that her drug-abused teeth did not show. Repeated use of drugs leads to a very acidic behavior, which makes the teeth very dirty and brown, sometimes even black. 

Whitney Houston
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Anna Harris, Clinical Mental Health Counselor at OnlineMFTPrograms.com, shares her views on Whitney Houston and relationship dynamics in an interview with the Icy Whiz team. Here is what she said:

Anna Harris
Anna Harris

“We can’t make too many legitimate conclusions or claims about the connection between Houston’s and her daughter’s passing and what that means about the complexities of their family dynamic.

But, what I can say, as someone who works in the marriage and family therapy field, is that there are many ways in which children take after their parents.

Biological factors of course come into play here, with things like medical conditions, risks for certain addictions, and things of that nature often being passed from parent to child.

Beyond that, many behaviors by parents are seen and adopted by their children, whether both parties realize it or not.”

Although we started the article to discover the unexplained death of Whitney Houston, it turns out that we have now discovered the unexplained death of both mother and daughter. The similarities are striking with foul play of disease and cocaine use. 

It was a very sad accident when Whitney Houston died as she was a very big star and was rising to new heights every day.

Although being a child of two famous people has an impact, it was not nice. Kristina fell into her mother’s footsteps and followed the path of drugs and cocaine because it eventually led to her untimely death as well. 

It has also been said that after Whitney died, there was not a backlash type of reaction from her husband. Indeed, he even said that she was trying very hard to stay sober and was very moved by her sudden passing away. 

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