Scenic Banff Gondola Ride Overlooking Canadian Rockies Scenic Banff Gondola Ride Overlooking Canadian Rockies

Everything You Need to Know About The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada, to Make Memories, Not Regrets!

Are you venturing to get some new viewpoints from insiders before stepping into the shores of Banff National Park? Then you are at the right place to experience Banff from the bosom of insiders who have soared over the Sulphur Mountains personally.

And the tip they give you to navigate your way through the things to do at Banff National is to take a ride in the Banff Gondola in Alberta, otherwise known as the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. Why?

Then continue reading to know why you can’t plan your trip to Banff without including this fantastic spot in your itinerary. Below you can find fully- loaded information that gives you complete knowledge of this jaw-dropping experience that’s best under the Canadian sky.

So, soar down to enjoy!

1. About the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By Ritik Gautam/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The Gondola is a signature ride that offers unparalleled amazing views of the Canadian Rockies and Banff town from the top of about 2281m. It is open to visitors throughout the year and can be considered one of the best things to experience in Banff if you take a vacation.

Apart from taking this ride that makes its visitors see the breathtaking world from above, the Gondola also offers delicious dining options, a 360-degree view deck at the Mountain’s summit, hiking trails, and even special events like live music.

There are other unnamed activities on this endless list. So, dive in to discover more!

2. Overview of the Sulphur Mountains

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By warasit/Depositphotos. Copyright

Did you know? The Mountain, named in 1916, was a part of the Banff National Park. It had received this name for its two hot springs at the lower slopes.

This mountain has a summit of 7486 feet above sea level peaking over the trees of the Banff.

So, as you take a Gondola or hike to the top of Sulphur Mountains, you get a fantastic 360-degree stunning view of the snow-capped mountain ranges at every turn. At the complex on the summit, you can engage yourself in some exciting activities and take a Gondola down to get an altogether different view of the mountains and rest!

Nevertheless, you must note that apart from being a recreational center for visitors, the Mountain is also a national historic site housing the Cosmic Ray Station – a meteorological observatory built in 1903 by Norman to document the weather situations for Banff.

The building stands even today, where you can glimpse the original interiors from the window!

3. History of the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By Hayffield L/Unsplash. Copyright 2020

The evolution of the Banff Gondola trails down to Norman Bethune Sanson, a museum curator and park meteorologist who was one of the early pioneers to reach the Sulphur Mountain summit in 1896. He climbed the mountain in snowshoes to record weather observations.

Later in 1903, a trial was built to the summit ridge from the upper springs. Norman used this trial to observe the weather over 1000 times. His last hike was at the age of 84 in 1945! It was renamed Norman’s Peak in 1948.

However, the exciting part is that not just Norman made it to the summit through the trial. Instead, other park visitors managed to hike up the trail, thereby making it a popular spot in the National Park.

Now John Jaeggi, a Swiss mountain guide in Banff, eyed the increasing number of visitors hiking the Mountains and started and operated a tea house in the 40s. The materials required for the construction were brought to the mountaintop on horseback. And this was his accomplished first dream of establishing a tourist atop the mountain.

Following this success, Jaeggi envisioned creating the sightseeing Gondola on the Mountain, which has been used as a hiking trail for centuries. In the 1950s, drawing inspiration from his homeland, Jaeggi planned the installation of an aerial lift.

Subsequently, in 1958 he began constructing the Gondola after thoroughly researching the lift types from Switzerland, his native place.

Finally, in 1929 the first-ever bi-cabled sightseeing chairlift, or the Gondola, what we call it today, was opened for tourists. Nevertheless, there was a shift in the Gondola and the complex where numerous renovations were undertaken over the years.

Discover The Banff Gondola

Today, the Banff Jasper Collections owns the complex. It is said that investments up to a million were spent for the renovation and redevelopment of the Gondola to bring the visitors up the in a beautiful fashion.

Apart from that, in 2015, there was a multi-million-dollar renovation of the complex to transform it into multi-level decks. The following year, on September 2016, the complex was opened.

It hosted four levels with incredible dining options, retail stores, a Banff theatre, details about the mountain and the surrounding region, and a stunning panoramic rooftop view of the Banff National Park.

4. Where is the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada?

BANFF  GONDOLA - Sulphur Mountain Gandola

Located at the base of the Sulphur Mountains, the Gondola, and just 2.5 km from the town of Banff. The exact locale is 100 Mountain Ave, found at the end of Mount Avenue in Banff.

You can reach the spot by taking a drive from Banff Avenue. Then head on South till you cross over the bridge to Spray Avenue. Take the left and then the right to stay on Mountain Avenue. Continue driving past the luxurious Rimrock Hotel till you find the Banff Gondola parking spot.

If you are traveling in winter, there is a parking space for you. But for sunshine travelers, you can take the free shuttle ROAM Transit offers through the congested area. From Banff downtown, Route 1 offers a one-way ticket of $2 to reach the place.

Interestingly, you get a free return ride in winter if you produce your ticket to the bus driver. You can also see local buses stationing every 40 minutes.

Subsequently, you can take a walk to the Gondola from downtown if you are seeking to burn some extra calories. But this is not highly recommended as reaching the place can take up to an hour.

5. Banff Gondola Hours: Know Before You Go!

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By CeriBreeze/Depositphotos. Copyright

This is a highly recommended point in your traveling checklist. The working hours to take a Gondola to the Mountain summit changes depending on the hours and the seasons or even for planned maintenance.

However, generally, they are open to visitor all-round the year. But one thing to note is that the last ride on a Gondola up the mountain is 30 minutes before the closing time, and the last ride to the base is at the closing time.

6. How Long is the Banff Gondola Ride?

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By olegmayorov/Depositphotos. Copyright

Travelers tip: Be sure to click as much as you can from your Gondola. Why?

The Gondola zooms you up and down the mountain within 8 minutes within a wink of your eye! And you might know that the Gondola’s track is a mile long.

On the other hand, if you hike the mountain, it’s just 2292 feet to reach the summit.

Each Gondola can accommodate four adults. Even babies or small children can jump into the same cabin to fit five! However, this is not recommended for strollers due to the limited space in the Gondola.

Please note that you can book the ride tickets online, as authorities do not entertain phone reservations.

7. Banff Gondola Tickets Price

Visiting The Banff Gondola - Banff Alberta Canada 🍁

Ticket pricing at Banff Gondola is dynamic at every season and time due to the variable policies that come into effect. So, you can book your tickets by checking the day of the week, the time you will visit, and how early you will pre-book. 

Traveler’s tip: Consider mid-week booking as the ticket prices are low, and consider buying them online than at a ticket window.

However, generally, the prices range between $61 – $71 per adult and $39 – $46 for children over 6 years.

Interestingly if you are an Alberta resident, you get a discount between $10-12 for grown-ups and $5-7 for children.

There are discounts on the ticket price during Christmas up to 10% more than the regular ticket prices, and are called gift tickets.

Nevertheless, you can also grab a Banff Gondola promo code to cut down on ticket prices.

Finally, you can also opt for tour packages to Banff that cuts down 25% of the ticket cost and allows you to explore other places. You can choose either the Banff Explorer package or the Banff Ultimate Explorer package to bundle tickets for the Gondola.

8. Banff Gondola Journey to the Summit: A Walkthrough

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By bornin54/Depositphotos. Copyright

Your day to begin traversing on Gondola starts from the Lower Terminal, found at the farther end of Mountain Avenue. Inside the terminal, you can find the ticket counter to grab the ride tickets, a Starbucks, and an updated gift shop. Also, you can find a coffee shop at the summit too!

You must note that the temperature at the summit is 10°C cooler than the temperature at the Lower Terminal. And the Gondola cabins are not heated either. So, if possible, try to wear some extra layers if you find it too cold.

Once you enjoy the exciting amenities at the Lower Terminal, you will zoom into the air on the Gondola for eight minutes from 1,583 m to 2,281 m over sea level. Now, keep your eyes open to spot some forest creatures or even intrepid hikers below.

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By CeriBreeze/Depositphotos. Copyright

At the summit, you will land at the newly refurbished Upper Terminal with four levels where;

  • Level 1 offers a warm welcome to its visitors to Castle Mountain Coffee with coffee and snacks. Also, there is a stocked gift shop there. But you can find it no surprising that it is the same way you will take the Gondola to the Lower Terminal.
  • Level 2 has a wondrous interpretive center to entertain kids of all ages through its dynamic area and interactive exhibits. Here you get fully-loaded information about Banff and some hands-on exhibits where you can put your hand into the actual paw print of a grizzly! Cool, right? But the best part of this level is the multi-sensory theatre that glides over the wildest parts of the Rockies, displaying nature’s glory.
  • Level 3 houses the famous Banff Gondola restaurant, Sky Bistro, and Northern Lights Alpine Kitchen. They offer creative culinary products picked from the best farms in Alberta to put a smile on every visitor who passes by.
  • Level 4 offers a rooftop 360-degree observation deck for stunning mountain views. From getting a glimpse of Lake Minnewanka to Lake Louise, there are plenty of places to sit and view the rocky mountain. In winter, you get some comfy chairs around firepits. Also, in peak seasons, you can access Peak Patio, an outdoor patio restaurant at Banff Gondola.

And once you reach the Lower Terminal, you can refresh your day at the hot springs nearby and relax your muscles before you carry some soul-enhancing experiences back home!

9. Insider Tips to Get Ready for the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada

The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
By jovannig/Depositphotos. Copyright
  • To obtain a better value for your trip to the Sulphur Mountains summit, try multiple ticket options that include lunch or dinner.
  • Parking is a tremendous issue, and taking a shuttle is best. You can keep yourself updated on the website you purchase tickets.
  • Keep yourself dressed with additional layers as the temperatures drop even in summer at the peaks.
  • Plan your trip for at least two hours to enjoy it to the fullest, especially to stroll through the boardwalk and enjoy some stunning views around you.
  • Check the schedule before you book the ticket, as you might not want to miss the best part if it’s under a maintenance period of 2 weeks.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is available at the summit, with elevators for all four levels.
  • If you wish to avoid crowds, ensure to reach the place before 10 am or after 6 pm. Also, don’t forget to experience the mesmerizing sunset if you land after 6!
  • The best place to book your ticket is with the Pursuit.
  • You might have received a set ascending and descending time at Sulphur Mountains of up to 2 hours. But you can stay there as long as you wish and not miss the last Gondola down!

10. Things to Do at the Mountain Summit


Don’t limit your perspective to just enjoy the four-level complex, as there are many other places to explore and enjoy at the Banff Gondola. Here are some things you can do in summer and winter apart from the Mountain hike:

After a Gondola trip in summer;

  • Enjoy every view of the Canadian Rockies in coin-operated binoculars found at every turn.

    The Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada
    By surasak/Depositphotos. Copyright
  • Walk down the Mountain boardwalk for 500 meters to Sanson’s Peak to find the Cosmic Ray Station to get some excellent views.
    Banff Sulphur Mountain Boardwalk to Cosmic Ray Station and a Meteorological Observatory building 4K

After a Gondola trip in winter;

  • Enjoy the Nightrise, an enthralling adventure on the Sulphur Mountian’s summit with magical lighting and music created collaborating with the Stoney Nakoda Nation.
    Nightrise: The Winter at the Banff Gondola
  • Stroll to view the ice sculptures and refresh yourself in the holiday cocktail bar. There are plenty of crafts for kids, like cookie decorating and even a visit with Santa!
  • Take the Elf Express, a Christmas-decorated coach from the Lower Terminal, to the summit listening to stories from Santa’s helper. 

11. Wrapping up the Adventure

Whether you are out there venturing to spend a vacation alone or with your family then, the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada, is a great place to check out to experience the raw beauty of nature with a punch of adventure. You can bet that it’s a worthwhile place to go beyond what words can describe!

So, book your next Jet, Set your schedule, and Fly to discover a different world…

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    Banff is incredible in winter. Get ready for the place, that when it’s under a blanket of snow. Feeling pleasure to read more about the Bnaff Gondola.

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  3. Embark on an unforgettable journey through Banff National Park with insider insights on the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada. Soar over Sulphur Mountains for panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies and Banff town, reaching heights of 2281m. This signature ride operates year-round, offering not only breathtaking vistas but also delightful dining, a 360-degree view deck, hiking trails, and special events like live music. Don’t miss this must-have experience, promising memories that linger beneath the vast Canadian sky.

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