MBA graduates tossing caps in front of university building. MBA graduates tossing caps in front of university building.

Factors to Remember Before Finding a School for an MBA

We always put a lot of concern to the question of where to complete our MBA. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to provide you with business ethics and negotiations, an understanding of the corporate culture, the ladder, and the environment, and how sales and marketing principles apply in everyday businesses.

This is not purely a theoretical course. Instead, it involves the use of a lot of case studies, live projects, internships, and job placements. We talked to a CEO to know what they feel about MBA graduates.

“While the brand of your MBA school can open doors, it’s the skills and knowledge you acquire that truly matter. Employers value the ability to apply what you’ve learned over the name on the diploma.”

Maya Chen, CEO of Tech Innovations

I Have Mentioned Some Factors to Consider While Choosing a Good Business School

Before you consider which business schools you are going to choose from, you need an understanding of what a good business school is, what makes business schools top-notch, and what makes them the last option.

There are several factors, like the faculty. You may ask yourself, “Who is teaching,” or “How is the curriculum?”. We can ask ourselves, “Do they have live projects, experiential learning, case studies, and on-field training?” or “What is the admission criterion you need to ace any particular exam to get in”?

This will tell us how difficult is the interview process. I would say that the preconceived notion that a business school is better if it is older and more prestigious is wrong, as there have been cases otherwise as well. And I will tell you a few things that can help you get started.

1. Alumni Connect

If there is a strong, high-net-worth individual among the alumni of your business school, you have a better opportunity to get placed in large companies with the help of their referrals.

Think about this. Sam, my friend, got a job at KPMG because his senior worked there. He asked him for a referral and that made the entire process of hiring so much easier. Your college alumni can help you get the early break – at least for Sam, it did.

“In certain industries, the prestige of your MBA matters less than in others. In tech startups, for example, what you can do matters more than where you learned to do it.”

Liam Scott, Startup Founder

2. Faculty with Good Practitioners, Lecturers, and Academicians

Having a good mix of the teaching staff in your business school with professors with different and experimental techniques of teaching helps to kill the monotony and also increases engagement during lectures. Having experienced MBA faculty facilitates the process and provides us with great knowledge and tools.

The ROI of an MBA often hinges on the school’s reputation. Graduates from top-tier programs generally command higher salaries, but the cost of these programs should also be a consideration.”

Rajiv Gupta, Financial Analyst specializing in Higher Education

Is having good lecturers enough? No, you can’t just rely on it; you also need to consider a curriculum with varied practices and activities. Having all bookish knowledge is not the way of life or business. Dependence is necessary to explain principles, but what helps you master them is their practical application.

During your MBA, have a set of activities to teach certain rules of business, including live cases and projects with actual negotiations, and having real marketplaces set up. It is to explain how businesses build and thrive is what comes in handy in the long run, which should be kept in mind while choosing a business school

3. A Good Connection with Renowned Trainers and Mentors

MBA surely provides us with job opportunities along with internships during and after the course, but there are a lot of hurdles in between.

Having the correct set of people to provide you with the necessary support and guidance is what helps you get ahead. Another aspect is the entrepreneurial set of students who need the correct starting and mentoring at different steps of starting a business.

Other than having good connections, you also need a set of expert classmates to get in via specific exams and admission criteria.  Haven’t you heard ‘company matter’? Well, it does in such competitive backgrounds, and healthy competition pushes you to perform to your full potential and helps you achieve great levels of perfection.

In your MBA college, having colleagues who are all talented in different ways helps in mutual learning and understanding and also provides you with a constant push to keep doing better every day. 

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4. A Good Variety of Electives With Different Combinations

A course that is equal and similar for everyone might not be helpful as it might not equally pique the interests of everyone.

Also, in a race of animals, we can’t compare a fish and a bird. Similarly, we can’t judge different students on the same criteria. So. having the choice of different electives in different combinations helps you to make the right choice that suits your abilities and interests while you are pursuing your MBA.  

You can’t forget about the placements and pay scale. A prestigious institute that is well linked with the top MNCs and has collaborations with major corporate groups will help us land in better companies at better positions.

It will also provide us with a plethora of opportunities to choose from and make the most of it while doing our MBA.

5. Geographical Location of the Business School

The location of our MBA school will determine a lot of life choices, like our place of stay, place of work, and connectivity with family. I must say this factor should not be ignored.

Although the primary thing to consider is that if we plan to work in a location then try to get a business school in the same vicinity such as if we’re planning to work in New York, try not to do our MBA from Europe. 

Top 10 B Schools of USA  by Anuja Malkar MBA [HR Manager] Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

6. Tuition Fees/ Total Fees

What our return on investment will be is always a question, whether it comes to life or our choice of business school for an MBA. Having chosen a very expensive business school will hamper our pay in the early stages as the payback time will be difficult. The key is to find a business school where there is a good balance between the fees and the expected salary package, which will help us set us better prepare. 

Choose Wisely!

Considering all the factors stated above, we understand that it is really important that we get an MBA because it not only decides our present choices but also shapes our future. Depending upon various factors it helps us stand out from the crowd, get a steady income source, and provide us with the requisite education.

It is a Master’s level course made to provide us with specialization in the forte of business so we can then, in life ahead, perform the requisite activities, apply the learned principles, and excel in our business!

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. Being a student, I wanted to pursue MBA as my Masters and I am thinking about how to find the best B school to pursue it and what are the aspects to be considered while searching for it ? The above article sorted out my issue the aspects explained in the article are indeed and genuine , before admitting into any B school for our masters it is better to consider these points.

  2. This article is very informative for students who want to plan their future for good jobs. Opens new horizons of thinking for the job seekers.

  3. Getting an MBA degree is my dream and I tried to search best courses in distance mode. The article helped me to sort out the things to be considered before taking a final decision on from where to pursue the course. I got a lot of new points from this article..thanks to Anushree for her effort.

  4. Engaging Article! The importance of a business school extends beyond its age or prestige. Key factors like Alumni Connect, Experienced Faculty, Varied Curriculum, and Expert Classmates matter. Real-world application through activities, live projects, and a network of trainers can shape your MBA journey. It’s not just about where but how you learn. Great insights!

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