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How to Get Revenge on Your Ex Without Breaking the Law? The Do’s and the Don’ts

Relationships are one of the most crucial aspects of everyone’s lives, and breakups are one of the most painful things that anyone has to go through. Each one of us has our own way to overcome a breakup. And, I think with time, we are losing the value of our relationships. Maybe that’s why breakups are so common nowadays. Anyway, I don’t like breakups. And who does? It affects our mental health at certain intervals. Are you going through this bad experience? I can understand your situation. I remember when my best friend had her first breakup. She was so entangled amidst the roller coaster of emotions. In fact, there was a time she wanted to take revenge on her ex. Actually, most of us go through this experience at any point in life. But losing your mind and taking any wrong step would always be harmful. Despite the feeling that you are experiencing due to immense heartbreak and your desire to make their lives miserable, certain matters need to be handled with care.
how to get revenge on your ex without breaking the law
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If you are too hurt and seeking revenge, I would advise you to follow the right path. You can have your revenge very sweetly and positively, and the same feeling can force you to take the wrong steps that are prohibited by law.

First, I’ll Tell You the Positive Ways-

Do you want to make your ex regret the moment they decided to leave you? Believe me, it will give you immense pleasure. Here are my secret tips that will help you do just the same.

1. Get into Good Shape and Eating a Healthy Diet

There is always a lot going on in one’s mind during and after a painful breakup, and getting into good shape is just one of the best ways to get your mind off it. The breakup prompts you to take revenge and you are filled with emotional energy. So, the right way is to channelize it into something productive like hitting the gym and working hard to get in good shape and feeling sexy about yourself.
Woman push-ups on the floor at the gym
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Do you know why I am telling you this? Exercising releases good hormones that help you feel amazing about yourself. Let’s not forget that you are in the best shape and incredibly hotter, which will make your ex regret dumping you in the first place. Imagine the level of satisfaction you are going to feel while watching their expression and seeing you this hot. That will be the best revenge on your ex without breaking the law.

2. Reconnect with Your Friends Back

It is understandable that people in relationships have limited access to their surroundings. When we are in a relationship, we try to focus our energy and efforts on that one person only. In doing so, we often lose contact with our friends.
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Well, here is the blessing in disguise. You now have ample time and opportunities to reconnect with your old friends back in your life and catch up with each other rather than to think constantly about how to get revenge on your ex. And who knows, you might find someone else through your friends.

3. Prioritize and Love Yourself More

You have recently been dumped, or you found out your ex cheated on you in some way, and you are bursting with anger and all those humanely possible emotions. The best way to seek revenge on your ex is to prioritize yourself for the first time in a long time and love yourself more than anything in the world.
Prioritize and Love Yourself
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Changing a country or a city seems unrealistic, just to get over your ex. Trust yourself and try doing some self-engaging activities that will keep you busy and diverted. You can do this in small acts, like changing some routines or reading self-help books, trying on new activities, going to new places all by yourself, and enjoying the places or activities as it is.

4. Think About the “No Contact Rule”

One of the feelings experienced after a terrible breakup is pain, hurt, or grief. This kind of feeling makes you act rashly or do something regretful.
Your ultimate want for revenge can be exhausted by your mere “Silence”. To not act is sometimes the best act. Icy whiz Team
Adopting the “no contact rule” approach with your ex is sometimes the best way to improve your mental well-being. Not being in touch with the toxicity associated with some negative situations and people is best for you. Therefore, I highly recommend you delete their contact number and block them on social media handles. These will also help you forget that person and focus on yourself.

5. Kill Them with Kindness

Maybe for some and not all, being kind to your ex and creating no drama. It could be an alternative you can adopt to have a non-toxic life ahead of you. Don’t be rude or change your behavior. Just ignore them sweetly. During tough times, you must have some faith in the universe. Let the law of attraction attract the right people in your life by making room for more Compatible people. Eliminate your ex-boyfriends if they are toxic; cut them off. Your lives.

6. Focus on Your Work More

Okay, this one is also a piece of classic or stereotypical advice. But honestly focusing on your work and creating space for more professional goals assists you in manifesting your material needs. it also allows you to spend more time in your professional environment.
Focus on Your Work
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Transforming your mindset and visualizing good out of any bad circumstances is the perfect attitude to succeed in life. And I must say one thing: slapping your ex with your success is the best revenge.

7. Find Your Own Spiritual Awaking and Path

Some people develop a toxic routine in their lives because they have been in a long relationship with a toxic or manipulated person. It is a default setup that can be changed. I think focusing on your spirituality and spiritual awakening is the most peaceful way to function and attract the right mindsets into your life. I suggest you start doing meditation and feel the change within.
Young girl meditating in the park
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8. Let the Law of Karma Play Its Part

Lastly, you don’t need to feel bad about anything. Let the law of karma play its part.
The law of karma rewards those who wish and play their part with good intentions and work with kindness, while is a bitch to those who harm, hurt, and cheat on others. iCYWhiz Team
Whatever anyone’s intentions are paid back to them in this life with the law of karma. So put your belief in this law and everything will definitely work best for you.

Now Check the List of Don’ts If You Are in the Mood of Taking Revenge

The feeling of revenge after a brutal breakup is completely normal, but you need to get a hold of yourself and make wise decisions to cope with the situation. Doing illegal things and hurting someone intentionally can cause you a lot of trouble. So don’t do anything in the spur of the moment that will make you regret it in the future.

1. Barging Into Their Homes

Next time, before secretly entering their house, when you have thoughts like setting their house on fire, planning to hide stinking seafood in their house, or taking your things back by illegally trespassing in their house, think again. This is a serious legal offense.
Barging into someone's house
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2. Breaking Their Bones – Make No Room For Future Regret

It is normal to have a feeling or an intensified urge to beat the shit out of your ex for cheating on you. This might give you temporary satisfaction. Voluntarily causing hurt, especially beating and breaking someone’s bones, is a crime affecting life. You must remember that it is punishable by imprisonment for seven years or more by law.

3. Sending Your Ex to a Heavenly Abode – Certainly a Bad Idea

There is no denying the anger caused by the betrayal and then that rapid emotion where you think about how to get revenge on an ex. And you decided to kill them or murder them, well, that’s the first thing you should not do. It is considered the most heinous crime and illegal. The penal provisions for this crime are stringent.

4. Stalking- It’s Nothing But Creepy

Stalking is when a person repeatedly and unwelcomely observes and takes notes on another person. Stalking practices of following and keeping an eye on your ex’s every movement possible will lead to manipulating or threatening them. Moreover, it will also drain your energy and stop you from concentrating on self-improvement.
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5. Hacking – Don’t Use Your Techie Skills Here

When in despair you have desperate thoughts of hacking into their cyberspace or their social media accounts and using it to spread their inappropriate pictures or confidential information to get a payback, well think again. Hacking is a crime under the cyber crimes branch and a far too serious misdemeanor. To put it simply, it is the unlawful use of computer security systems or the influence over them for illegal purposes.

6. Insulting Them Online – Have Some Virtue and Don’t Do It

Are you in a dilemma? Wondering how to get revenge on my ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend who cheated on you with her? Well, you are not alone. Anyone in your shoes must have felt the urge to rip their heads off or humiliate them by circulating some of their interesting yet private videos online. But wait, here I would like to warn you and suggest you be aware of the consequences of your actions and unawareness. Spreading someone’s information online, especially their private information without consent is a grievous offense infringing their right to privacy.

7. Blackmailing Your Ex – Dumbest Thing To Do

Sometimes, people try to blackmail their ex with their secrets and confidential information that they shared during the relationship to extort money from them or whatever they desire. However, extortion is a punishable act under the Law. So don’t try that.
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Wrapping Up

Plotting and worrying about taking revenge on your ex and trying to feel a sense of justice or satisfaction, is a part of human emotion. Being able to cope with it is the most human thing we can do. Take firm, constructive, and positive actions to become a good human being. Take your time to grieve let those emotions get processed, and heal yourself from within the feeling of betrayal and negative emotional mindset.

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  1. Not being in touch is the best way of taking revenge. And my favourite as well. But any means are justified for the end of mending your broken heart. Start by carefully thinking about what you really desire and plan accordingly.

    1. You really got me with the name of article, but i must say it was a good one. People always try to get revenge by hurting others which in return hurt them more, but how they can really take their revenge is by making themselves better, and moving on.

  2. When we talk about revenge, people generally think of doing things listed in Don’ts. Your article will help them to channel their energy and thoughts in right direction. For me, heartbreak feels like end of the world.
    While I can’t do other things, I generally block out the person from my life.

  3. Tbh distancing your friends when you are in relationship is really a bad idea. And yes after breakup you should work on yourself, no matter how broke you are from within, you must show yourself happy. And, why to get broke for a guy or girl who didn’t care about you.

  4. I totally agree with the concept of this article where it verifies that the best way to get revenge on your ex is improving yourself and making your level high. doing stalks and going crazy over them is not the revenge it will only harm yourself. In order to give the best revenge you must ignore them and give every moment for your care and health.

  5. As a person who is treated the aftermath of a breakup, this article became a clean find. It presented creative and practical methods to channel any lingering resentment with out resorting to dangerous or illegal moves. The guidelines have been each empowering and realistic, supplying a healthy outlet for processing feelings and moving forward. Thanks to this newsletter, I experience ready with constructive techniques to navigate post-breakup feelings with adulthood and charm.

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