Pregnant woman holding belly, managing stomach virus. Pregnant woman holding belly, managing stomach virus.

How to Treat a Stomach Virus while Pregnant?

I am sure, you must have heard of stomach bugs. The medical term for the medical condition is called gastroenteritis. Usually, this is of two types – viral gastroenteritis and bacterial gastroenteritis. The virus that usually is the causal agent for viral gastroenteritis is called the rotavirus. Norovirus is another virus that causes ‘winter vomiting’ in adults and children.

This can happen to almost anyone at any time in their lives. This issue is more common in children. So, now vaccines have been devised to protect them. But, what if any pregnant woman catches this virus? Stomach flu during pregnancy is not very uncommon but becomes a really big problem with the pregnancy symptoms clubbed along with your stomach bug situation.

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience that every woman should go through. However, pregnancy should not be taken lightly as it may lead to severe complications.

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Actually, pregnant women are more susceptible to catching infections because their body undergoes changes that also affect their immune systems. Although it does not affect the fetus directly it does lead to a lot of discomfort for the mother.

How to Treat a Stomach Virus while Pregnant?
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As I told you above, a pregnant lady can catch Norovirus and Rotavirus. Although they are short-lived anywhere between 12 hours and 2 days they are very contagious. I must tell you the reasons for getting infected-

  • Eating contaminated food or drinking water.
  • Not cleaning and washing hands regularly.
  • Touching your mouth and face with dirty hands.
  • Being in close contact with infected people.

You Should Also Know the Stomach Virus Risks by Trimester

Guys! if someone around you is pregnant, you should know about some basic changes that they go through. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes in structure, hormonal balance, and immunity, which sometimes makes it more prone to catching infections/diseases.

How to Treat a Stomach Virus while Pregnant
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But the good thing is that the fetus is very well protected by the body. So, no virus can come in direct contact as the womb is almost impenetrable. The problem arises when the mother gets severely affected by something. This leads to the weakening of her immune system or overuse of the immune system, which might lead to some complications.

1. The First Trimester

It is very early in the first trimester and you are highly likely to be unaware of your pregnancy in cases when it is not planned. These initial 12 weeks are very essential for the baby’s growth and development. Although all the baby parts that are formed are the size of a gummy bear, it is a very fragile stage, and catching a stomach virus at such a time would be very risky for the spine.

How to Treat a Stomach Virus while Pregnant
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2. The Second Trimester

Although it is comparatively a better and more secure period, the baby here is growing rapidly. Little problems or infections will not really affect the baby but a serious infection might lead to problems during the baby’s development. And, if the mother’s consumption of food and fluids is reduced it has an ill effect on the baby’s growth.

3. The Third Trimester

A severe stomach infection can be a big problem in this period because if you have a stomach bug accompanied by severe stomach cramps it might lead to early labor before your term is over. If the mother is very dehydrated the baby doesn’t get enough water which may also lead to the same. Another problem with dehydration is the reduction in the amniotic fluid which might affect your baby’s feed too.

Treating a Stomach Virus while you’re Pregnant

Below I have penned down some things that should be taken care of when you catch a stomach bug while pregnant.

  • Consuming Fluids– Keep yourself adequately hydrated if you’re having the stomach flu, consuming water will make you feel better. You can also drink herbal teas or other warm water-based beverages which your doctor approves.
  • Correct Food– Avoid consumption of food that is spicy or vinegary,  this will affect your gut and can also trigger heartburn which in turn would lead to vomiting.
  • Consume Ginger– Consume ginger in a small amount before you sleep this helps to neutralize the acids in your stomach and gingerol present in ginger also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach.
  • Candy– Suck on a hard candy like sour or peppermint. This balances the acids in your stomach and helps to hold down your food thus preventing nausea and vomiting.
  • Rest Well– It is not limited to stomach infections but in pregnancy generally, rest is very essential and the best remedy for all problems in your body. Rest well and feel better, get small naps or watch a show while you relax on the couch.
How to Treat a Stomach Virus while Pregnant
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Prevention is the Best Therapy

Although there is no proof or perfect method to prevent stomach flu, there are some habits that you can acquire to reduce the chance of getting infected. It is important to constantly wash your hands nicely. Take extra care when you come in contact with an infected person, or generally after you come back home from outside.

Also, ensure that anything you are consuming raw is washed very nicely, peeled if possible, and any damaged parts removed beforehand.

I am telling you all this because there are practically no medicines that can cure your stomach bug. So, it is best to be very careful while you’re pregnant. The symptoms however can be alleviated with the use of certain medications but consumption of a lot of medicines is not advised during pregnancy, so what you need to remember here is ‘prevention is better than cure.’

I recommend you watch this video that shows how this lady survived the stomach flu while she was thirty-six months pregnant.


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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. Before reading this article I consider it a very common thing. But your article helps me a lot to find out more.
    As stomach bugs can be caused by various factors, including viruses, bacteria, and food poisoning so, it is important to take care of your health during pregnancy.
    Every women should follow all the guidelines mentioned above to avoid any serious condition.

  2. Pregnancy is surely a very special phase for any women as well as a delicate and complex also. There are a lot of warnings, potential complications and specific advice from healthcare professionals. And as a well educated person as well as family member everyone should know about these minor and major things. This is not always the duty of a mother but others around her. These gives then a sense of protection and a great dependence.

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