Web design workspace with digital layout and paper sketches. Web design workspace with digital layout and paper sketches.

How to Write a Fantastic Web Design Proposal

Online presence is now a priority for businesses. Moreover, 80% of marketers rely on their websites to push marketing efforts.

Competition on the world wide web is high. Additionally, the demand for websites and web apps is skyrocketing.

Web design firms must write killer proposals to win clients in an overcrowded industry. Here is how to write the best web design proposal to generate more business.

What does the web design proposal process look like?
Web design process. Source: Freepik

Research Your Audience for Your Web Design Proposal

Audience research is crucial if you are sending an unsolicited proposal. It helps you understand your prospect’s pain points to present a relevant solution. You can also generate insights to tie your products and services with your client requirements.

Most businesses perform the above step during lead nurturing in the case of solicited proposals. However, research for solicited proposals is also necessary.

It allows you to form a deep understanding about your current prospect. You can find out more about your lead to write a persuasive web design proposal.

Let’s say you are designing a website for a school. Your prospect may be a parent, and you can appeal to their emotions to win the deal.

Moreover, you can discover the tone and language you should use to write your proposal.

Develop a Proposal Structure

The structure of your proposal will vary based on the industry you are dealing with. However, a few sections are a must:

Executive Summary

It outlines your business and the problem you are trying to solve. Keep your executive summary concise and highlight only the main points of your proposal.

Project Background

The project background captures the pain points of the client. You show your prospect you understand them better than anyone in the industry.

An example of a problem overview is:

The client was operating an old website designed in 2010. It was losing out on traffic, and conversions were low.

Moreover, the eCommerce sales process was outdated and resulted in abandoned carts.

Proposed Solution

This is the most important section of your web design proposal. You present your solution and show how it solves your client’s pain points.

It is necessary to be technical without overwhelming your prospect with information. A proposal should not be too lengthy.

Example of proposed solution may be:

We will design a modern website with industry best standards. It will be interactive and provide an engaging user experience.

We will focus on responsive design to target mobile customers. Our team will also create a seamless checkout process to boost conversions.


A clear list of deliverables is a must after you describe your clients pain points and your solution. It provides actionable data and shows what your prospect can expect in return of their investment.

Examples of deliverables are:

  • Design strategy document with key pages like home, about us
  • Wireframe of web app of website
  • Design review
  • Final responsive website live at (URL)


You must specify when you expect to fulfill your deliverables. Write the number of days or months you will take for each stage of your design process.

It is necessary to set realistic goals. You shouldn’t promise what you cannot deliver.

Therefore, evaluate your tasks and set your deadlines accordingly.


You should discuss the budget of the project with your client before you send your proposal. It helps you determine your costs and understand if the project is profitable.

Your web design proposal should outline the costs accurately. Break the costs down to your deliverables to paint a clear picture.

For example:

  • User interviews – $1,000
  • Internal interviews – $800
  • Web design strategy – $500
  • Wireframe – $200
  • Full design – $500

Call To Action

The last section is vital to closing a deal. Your call to action or CTA goes a long way to nudge your prospect to take action.

Therefore, include a clear CTA at the end of your proposal. Don’t leave it vague, like, “we hope to take this deal further.”

Instead, include something like:

  • Please call us at XXX to take things further
  • Send us a confirmation email to start the project
  • Please sign on the PDF to show your confirmation
  • Please click the Accept button to start the journey (if you use proposal management tools)

Use a Template

Web design is a visual process. People in the profession may not have the writing skills to write a persuasive proposal.

They may rely on online services that provide web design proposal templates. Moreover, proposal management tools have pre-built layouts and content you may customize to your needs.

You can also create a custom template if you have the in-house talent. It serves as a foundation for all your proposals without reinventing the wheel.

It can save countless hours of work every time you write a proposal. You will encounter many common pain points of clients that can be met with the same solution.

Proofread Your Proposal

A web design firm or web designer should have attention to the minutest details. Otherwise, they cannot be expected to create a professional and aesthetic UI/UX.

Therefore, your web design proposal should be free from grammatical or spelling errors. You can use an online service to proofread your proposal before you send it.

Moreover, write in an actionable language and use active voice. Don’t hesitate to use power words and claim what you can deliver.

Additionally, you may include visuals to spice things up a bit.

Final Thoughts

Writing a web design proposal may seem challenging, especially if you are not experienced. Use our structure and template to write your proposal. Include the insights of your audience research to create an excellent proposal your clients can’t turn down. Keep your proposal to the point and avoid crowding too much information.

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  1. Yes, well said, web designing is the need of the hour. It is very necessary to learn the advanced level of creating web designs. The majority of marketers need to prepare for this because the competition is too high, and you need to excel in it. Here, I found the best ideas and steps to create one.

  2. Yes, well said, web designing is the need of the hour. It is very necessary to learn the advanced level of creating web designs. The majority of marketers need to prepare for this because the competition is too high, and you need to excel in it. Here, I found the best ideas and steps to create one.

  3. A comprehensive guide on crafting compelling web design proposals. The article emphasizes the significance of audience research, proposing a clear structure from executive summary to a powerful call to action. It skillfully navigates through sections like project background, proposed solution, deliverables, pricing, and scheduling.

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