Assorted makeup brushes and cosmetics on table. Assorted makeup brushes and cosmetics on table.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

Well what can we say about makeup, it makes you look more beautiful. Isn’t it? And I don’t remember meeting someone in the recent past who has been excited about not looking their best when they are stepping out.

Enhancing your features, making your skin glow, and adding that extra notch of touch-up really does change your evening.

But what does it do to your skin in the long run, how does wearing makeup every day affect you and is makeup bad for your skin?

Let’s explore how is makeup bad for your skin and your everyday skin health.

1. What Happens if You’re Wearing Makeup Daily?

1.1. Clogging of Pores

If you wear makeup every day, or even as good as five days in a week it will eventually lead to clogged pores. If you’re wearing makeup and not removing it for a very long duration, it will definitely harm your skin.

You will have acne-prone skin due to the fact that the beauty products will create a layer on your skin making it difficult to breathe.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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Bumps around the eyes can also form along with other facial problems indicating how is makeup bad for your skin.

1.2. Makes your Skin Dry or Oily

Choosing the correct product based on your skin type is very necessary to protect your skin’s health and always analyze your skin type before buying any product.

If you have dry skin and use any product not well suited for dry skin it might make your skin more dry.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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Similarly, if you have an oily skin type and you end up using dryness makeup it might make your skin more oily, as it leads to extra oil production.

1.3. Allergic Reaction

Be very picky when you buy makeup and skincare products. While the products may look like they’re similar but what look like is not the same as what it is.

The ingredients of the products can have negative effects on your skin and eventually have an ill effect on your natural beauty, which is why we say that makeup is bad for your skin.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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Certain products contain harmful chemicals like paraben and SLES. These harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions, and if you have sensitive skin and might even be allergic to these ingredients then it can lead to a lot of skin issues.

1.4. Change of Skin Colour

As we all know that prolonged use of makeup affects our aging process, along with it sleeping without removing makeup leads to dull skin.

This is because throughout the day your skin is exposed to sun damage, pollution, and free radicals and these form a layer on your skin and when it stays on for such a long duration then it affects the collagen in your skin.

The glowing skin gets affected by UV rays and it leads to a change in its colour.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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Even if you wear lipstick for more than 10 hours, it darkens your lips because it is not made up of natural ingredients and artificial coloring agents block the oxygen supply affecting skin hydration.

Isn’t it a surprise that people still ask if is makeup bad for your skin?

2. How to Use Makeup Correctly?

2.1. Regular Face Washing

A good skin care regimen is very necessary if you’re applying makeup regularly and at the end of the day sometimes it is very tough to get up and put all the effort to clear out your makeup.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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But not doing so is going to deteriorate your skin condition.

At the end of the day make sure you remove your makeup nicely using a makeup remover and then using a good quality soft facial cleanser to wash your face.

2.2. Makeup Brush Care

Is makeup bad for your skin? Well, it also depends on the fact if you have healthy makeup habits or not.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a very important part of your everyday makeup and if not too much, you should make sure that you do a deep cleanse at least once a month.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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Skin and sweat and even makeup products spread bacteria, and these bacteria have an ill effect on your skin health.

2.3. Using the Correct Products

It is very important to make sure that the products that you are applying to your skin are best suited for it.

Primarily, always make sure that you have no expired makeup, although these products are very expensive and sometimes we are tempted to use them until they actually finish, these could lead to frequent breakouts and skin irritation.

is makeup bad for your skin
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Using soft products, with less harmful ingredients like mineral makeup is suggested by dermatologists for better skin. And using the trial and error method for makeup products is the only exact way to conclude.

2.4. Moisturization and Using Sunscreen

The question that is being asked again and again, is makeup bad for your skin is actually a secondary question because what people miss out on as a part of their makeup routine is the use of proper moisturizer and sunscreen, which is not just a requisite before makeup but an everyday essential.

Improper use or not using time leads to severe dryness due to the makeup ingredients. Wearing sunscreen is like a skin barrier and has anti-aging effects.

Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?
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To reduce the effects of makeup never apply any product on flaky or scaly skin, or try to use products that have a moisturizer incorporated like a liquid foundation.

3. Final Thoughts

Is makeup bad for your skin, well to actually conclude the article and answer the question we can safely say that yes makeup is bad for your skin?

However, if we follow a proper skincare routine, use the best products, and be regular with moisturization we can actually alleviate most of the skin concerns.

So, is makeup bad for your skin but makeup makes you look more beautiful; so it’s your choice to make.

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. Yeah, I agree with it. Many people spread misconception about wearing makeup. What they don’t know is that they can follow a good skin care routine and take benefit of makeup. As it makes is feel not only beautiful but also confident.

  2. I feel confident using makeup but I never ignored the fact that it can cause harm to the skin so just like you have said I follow my makeup with the best skin care procedures. Doing like this I take care of my skin as well as confident of using makeup.

  3. “I found the article on Icy Whiz about the impact of makeup on skin incredibly helpful. The practical tips on proper makeup removal and brush care were game-changers for me. Now, I’m more mindful of choosing products suitable for my skin type. Great insights for maintaining healthy skin amidst a beauty routine!”

  4. Wearing makeup is quite common and it gives you a sense of confidence too, but it also cannot be ignored that wearing makeup for a longer duration can harm your skin and this article is a clear eye-opener.

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