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Nestle’s Brand of Companies it Owns Can Surprise You

Nestle operates in about 500 countries and has a workforce of more than 200,000 employees. Now, that’s a huge number. I remember working for a major tech company, and it had numbers lower than that.

But Nestle is not like another company. It is a Switzerland-based company which is the world’s biggest food company.

Their slogan is ‘Good Food, Good Life’ and they live by it every day in every step to provide every individual with the best product for them. So, I wondered, what brands does this company own that help make it get so much revenue a year?

1. And then I knew there were many!

Nestle has a big portfolio of companies under it – nearly 2,000 of them.

What consumers like me love is the inclusion of more, better, and newer products along with the application of innovative techniques in its product line. I also particularly like the use of creative marketing, and focus on sustainability by Nestle. 

In fact, Nestle owns so much of our lives that we know nothing about. Like did you know it owns your favorite baby food cereals, coffee, chocolate and so much more? I would think that’s weird that we give so much of our lives to them – without us even knowing about it.

If you don’t believe me, look at these products you probably used sometime.

Things your baby eats

  • Nestle Cerelac – a cereal specifically made for infants who are 6 months and more, this is easy to digest, comes in various flavors, and is instantly ready. 
  • Cheerios – A completely natural cereal made using extracts from 5 different grains without adding additives. It is among the most loved and enjoyed healthy breakfast cereals across the globe. 

What we Eat and Drink

Nestle Coffee-Mate – A lactose-free cream that helps to make your coffee more delicious and creamy without any cholesterol.

Boost – One of the most popular milk drinks, which provides children with the requisite nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. Has a yummy taste that favors their palette, and makes them healthy and active for having to work or play the whole day long. 

Nescafe – The perfect instant coffee, for your morning stimulant. More than 5000 cups are made every day. Among the best and the most selling instant coffee brands. 

Blue Bottle Coffee – A freshly roasted coffee brewed as per your order, and sourced with craft and care from the best coffee farms. 

Starbucks Coffee at Home – Enjoy the same Starbucks experience, at the comfort of your home. Coffee is made with the best ingredients and with the utmost care and attention for your best coffee experience.

All our chocolates and culinary

  • Maggi – In India the most cherished snack by the younger generation, Maggi is like the staple of some kids and is a quick-to-make meal and can be customized based on your preferences. Started as one flavor, now available in multiple types including wheat-based options. 
  • Nestle KitKat – It is a chocolate with wafer and crunch, and as the tagline suggests it gives you the best break. It was initially available in only a very few flavors but now there is a whole plethora of scrumptious options available for all moods.
  • Nestle MilkyBar – A simple milk chocolate that is loved by all and comes with zero additives or preservatives. It is a completely sweet indulgence and doesn’t even have any artificial colorings. 

Drinks and Ice Creams

  • Nestea – A large variety of teas, both sweetened and unsweetened. Available in flavors to satisfy all moods including iced teas, green teas, and normal teas. 
  • Nestle Milo – The world’s most loved chocolate malt beverage rich in Vitamins A, B, and C. 
  • Nesquik – Just like ready-to-eat foods are very popular, ready-to-drink beverages are what people are loving now. Nesquik provides chocolate, powder, syrups, and other such alternatives which can be mixed with milk to enhance the taste while retaining its nutritional value.
  • Haagen Dazs – The ultimate luxury ice cream brand to end the cravings of all. It has a special way of picking the very best ingredients and curating them into delectable ice creams bound to appeal to all generations alike. 
  • MovenPick – The abode of naturally made ice creams, with no artificial colors or flavors and made with the best ingredients and best served chilled. 

3. Innovative Approaches Used by Nestle 

Like this one that they launched recently, where they aim to restore 1,500 hectares of marine habitat by 2023.

And they have several such initiatives that I got from my research:

  • Installation of refillable vending machines in certain parts of the world, where you can bring your containers and get the desired liquid from the vending machine after scanning a QR Code.
  • You can also buy reusable containers, the whole idea is to reduce the amount of disposable packaging used. 
  • Using plant-based substitutes, mixing fava beans with oats to create a protein-rich substitute for milk. Very healthy, and not very heavy so can be consumed at any time of the day and can also be used with cereals or mixed with other products. 
  • Using paper packaging for products that typically come in plastic packaging. Their bestselling chocolate KitKat is being introduced in a new packaging made up of paper, in some parts of Australia. The idea is to check the workability of the whole process and implement it on a larger scale. 

Nestlé ESAR undertaking sustainability initiatives

  • Looking at the movement of choices of consumption of cold or iced coffee, Nestle has launched a new instant cold or iced coffee for use at home, which tastes like a freshly brewed one. 

Now that you know of these products, I am sure you’re surprised – just like I was. Right?

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. I actually had no idea that Nestle owned this much and that it was a Switzerland based company.
    It was interesting to know that Maggi is also owned by Nestle.

  2. This article about Nestle’s companies was very informative and eye-opening. It showed how Nestle is a global giant that owns many well-known brands and products. I think this article is very educational and insightful for anyone who wants to learn more about Nestle and its impact on the world.

  3. This is astounding , i am a stock market guy & do research before investing in any random company , but i haven’t knew that this many other companies are owned nestle , that’s why it is trading at almost 20000INR . And aquisiation and takeovering other companies in business is good thing and it is also a good thing .

  4. Nestlé’s global reach across approximately 500 countries and its extensive workforce of over 200,000 employees truly highlights its vast scale and impact in the food industry. As the world’s largest food company, Nestlé’s commitment to “Good Food, Good Life” resonates in their daily practices, emphasizing their dedication to providing top-quality products for everyone. It’s remarkable to see how their slogan drives their mission, striving to offer the best for each individual they serve worldwide.

  5. This article effectively highlights Nestle’s extensive portfolio, showcasing its global influence and diverse range of products. The clear categorization of popular brands within Nestle’s portfolio, such as Cerelac, Cheerios, Coffee-Mate, Boost, Nescafe, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Starbucks Coffee at Home, offers readers a comprehensive overview.The inclusion of brief descriptions for each brand adds value, providing insights into the nature of products Nestle offers, from baby food and cereals to health substitutes and coffee. The use of images enhances the visual appeal and supports the readers’ understanding of the mentioned brands.

  6. This article about Nestle introducing sustainable packaging, reflect Nestle’s dedication to staying in tune with changing consumer preferences while prioritizing health and environmental consciousness. Their iconic brands like KitKat and Nescafe continue to resonate with consumers worldwide, making Nestle a powerhouse in the food industry, showcases its global impact on the food industry.

  7. The article effectively conveys Nestlé’s position as one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, attributing its success to its diversified portfolio, strong brand recognition, global reach, and robust financial performance. It serves as an informative summary of Nestlé’s extensive operations and its significant role in the global food and beverage industry.

  8. This informative article on the extensive portfolio of companies owned by Nestle sheds light on the vast reach and influence of this multinational giant. From well-known food and beverage brands to diverse investments, the article provides a comprehensive overview. It’s an eye-opener for anyone interested in understanding the breadth of Nestle’s corporate footprint, showcasing its role in various industries worldwide.

  9. Nestle is among the best food-giving brands on earth, its things are available across the globe any spot individuals can reach. They stay aware of first rate and remarkable variety, and source trimmings from the best spots. It has a lot of brands under its umbrella which will serve us with generally, every possible food thing.

  10. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Nestle, highlighting its global presence, extensive portfolio of companies, and popular brands. It covers various product categories, including baby food, cereal, health substitutes, coffee, culinary products, chocolate and confectionery, drinks, and ice creams. The inclusion of innovative approaches used by Nestle, such as refillable vending machines, plant-based substitutes, and sustainable packaging, adds a forward-looking perspective to the content.

    1. In my college I was doing a project regarding company analysis. While seaching for the perfect company i came across this article about what company does Nestle own. I got all the information in one place. I know about Maggie and coffee but other product like Häagen-Dazs, kit-kat, milky bar was not known by me. There paper packaging and other quick ready to eat a revolutionary. I found this website quite amazing and useful.

  11. The article effectively communicates essential information about Nestle, its products, and innovative approaches, while addressing some areas for improvement would enhance its overall quality and professionalism.

  12. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Nestle, covering various aspects of the company, including its global presence, workforce, portfolio of companies, and popular brands.

  13. I didn’t know much about nestlé company. I just knew about milky bar and kit kat. It’s really interesting and knowledgeable to know that so many products come from nestlé brand and I believe all the products are tasty.Thanks for the article!

  14. Many product categories are covered in this article, including baby food, cereal, coffee, health alternatives, food products, chocolate and confectionery, drinks, and ice creams. Nestle’s innovative methods, such plant-based substitutes, refillable vending machines, and eco-friendly packaging, give the content a forward-thinking viewpoint.

  15. I definitely had no idea that Nescafe owned these many companies. It is really amazing to now that business is also power and after reading it I felt this is insane!

  16. Through this article I have firstly learned that Nestle is Switzerland based and it amazed me how it owns so many companies under them. I also realised that the everyday food I intake are mostly from Nestle, no wonder they are a really big and successful brand. Thanks to this article I have gained another knowledge today!

  17. Maggi being owned by nestle was a new information to me as I never really noticed its packaging in detail. A very helpful article overall that gave full details on how big and powerful the nestle brand really is.

  18. Be it any brand, if it is able to create a space in the heart of people then it automatically creates it’s space in the life of people too.

    And when we talk about eatables then who can forget our delicious Maggie which made the life of Indian mom’s super easy and it’s one of those food items that really grabbed it’s space not just in people’s heart but in every mom’s kitchen and every hostelers kitchen and thus automatically became irreplaceable product in Indian market.

  19. The article effectively demonstrates Nestle’s broad array of products and its worldwide impact. It neatly organizes popular brands like Cerelac, Cheerios, Coffee-Mate, Boost, Nescafe, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Starbucks Coffee at Home, giving readers like me a thorough overview. Brief descriptions of each brand provide insights into Nestle’s diverse offerings also more deeper information about these brands. While images provide a visual treat, the language is particularly easy for even those who are just entering the business domain.

  20. Impressive Read! Nestlé’s vast global influence, extensive product portfolio, and commitment to sustainability are truly commendable. The article provided valuable insights, enhancing my understanding of Nestlé’s significant role in the food industry. Kudos to the author for presenting such comprehensive information in a concise manner!

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