Essentials of Content Marketing Strategy. Essentials of Content Marketing Strategy.

Building Brand Trust and Engagement- Why Is Content Marketing Important?

‘Content is King.’ This phrase is quite common nowadays and I’m sure you must have heard of it. Actually, everything today depends on the quality of your content. In fact, companies are spending a lot in improving their content in the form of blogs, landing pages, case studies, social media posts, and lots more. I myself being a writer understand the need and importance of content in today’s competitive landscape.

So, if you are also in business, you must understand the importance of content marketing.

Let Me Explain to You the Concept of Content Marketing in Detail

Content marketing in layman’s language is basically not marketing the product or service but marketing the content that is relevant to your provided product/service. It helps the customer to make an informed decision of why he/she avail of your services.

It is basically a strategic marketing approach that is aimed at solving the problem in a manner that helps the customer build a proper image, understand the purpose, get insights about your product, and eventually make a purchase.

First, the content is created in any manner from an article to a video, and it just needs to be published online. It is different from the standard marketing processes and you do not really have to advertise anything or spend money on the same. You put out content on your website to market your business, so that the relevant consumers can organically be attracted. It helps you reach out to small groups or even niche audiences through a solid social media reach.

Overall, smart content marketing serves many business purposes. I’ll explain you all one by one.

1. Image Building

The most important thing about content building is that it shapes the image of your brand, work, or company. It helps you to build a specific reputation and trust among your viewers and customers. I believe content is a source of very strong customer connection and even retention when you have already set up your brand image.

The content provides them an insight about you and your brand and helps them build a thought, opinion, or a liking for it. And, if they find the content to be engaging, educating, or adding value in any form they tend to reach back for more.

Even if the content is just entertaining or a piece of unique creativity they will really have a good recall value for your brand. Now this leads to more recall, more trust, and hence more customers.

2. Customer Conversion

Are you still in doubt? As I already explained above, content marketing helps bring in customers. I must say it’s not just a belief but a proven fact. One of the reports state that the conversion rate that is achieved by using content marketing is way more than what we achieve from other digital marketing sources.

The key here is quality content, if the content is clear, pristine, and on point you are surely getting a solid conversion. It has also been seen that content marketing when done in an appropriate manner helps to increase marketing leads and inbound marketing.

When you are considering and counting conversions, I would suggest you add some CTA, also known as call-to-action, as these will help you to keep a clear track of your progress.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Now that the content is reaching out and giving leads what needs to be kept in mind next is that optimization will lead to more reach and recognition. Your content needs to be in good terms of search engine optimization, to attract more traffic.

There are various factors that chip in here. If you have more content online you have a slightly better chance to top the search engine results pages. However, you still have to understand that it does not really convert to higher traffic.

Basically, smartly using SEO allows you to tap on more keywords that are searched and more conversions. Having more data can also be useful sometimes as it can lead to a higher retention time on the website, which in turn does affect your SEO rating positively.

4. Cost Effective Technique

Whether you are a new-age brand, a start-up, or a full-blown company, you will always need cost-cutting to come into play across various departments. This is where one of the most important content creation features comes into play. It is among the most cost-effective ways for lead generation. The content creation part sometimes can be variable but the return on investment usually pays off.

  • The content marketing strategy should be such that it does not die down like a fad, and this is beneficial with content that can have a long-lasting impact.
  • Do not ever fall or scoop low to fall in the loop of creating content just for creating content; make sure it is genuine, creative, and relevant to your product/service.
  • Make sure your content is always helpful to your viewers/customers and promote it in the best possible ways.

In short, I can just say content marketing helps in building a customer base and then customer loyalty eventually. It helps your brand speak a lot and provides a platform for it to express itself. So, I strongly recommend you to focus on your content also. If you don’t have enough time to do so, I suggest you contact any content-providing agency like IcyTales.

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. This article was very insightful for me because I didn’t have any idea on what content marketing is prior to reading this article. The article establishes what content marketing is and why it is important. An important note that I learned is that stores and popular brand names such as Nike and Apple are all fond of using content marketing and I had no idea that it was being used towards me to persuade me to buy their product.

  2. Being a content writer this article gave me some intensly delicate aspects which are unfigured by me in the industry , the article helped me personally and we should read this kind of articel once .

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