Vibrant Lavender Field with Central Tree in Provence Vibrant Lavender Field with Central Tree in Provence

The Lavender Fields in Provence, France: Best Touring Spot to Adorn Yourself with the Prettiest Memories

Aww! Something smelling sweet. In fact, it’s mesmerizing. Any guesses? It’s Lavender! Do you also like Lavender? Then, imagine being yourself in the big lavender fields. The pinkish-purple color all around can make anyone fall in love. Seriously! I would definitely love to be there for long. And I can tell you a place to experience the same,

Wow! You have guessed it right. It’s the Lavender Fields in Provence, France, that offers you such a serene place out of the concrete jungles.

So, today’s stop will be to explore this area’s vast expanse and how it can become your favorite tourist spot to take some lovely memories back home! But, one thing to remember, get the ticket slot when the place is decked in its glory

The Lavender Fields in Provence
By Simon Spring/Unsplash. Copyright 2023

However, one thing I must tell you is that this place doesn’t offer a year-round event. Once the blooming happens, these fields can be worth visiting in the following few weeks. Simultaneously, you can see it bloom at parts of the Provence and not all over the place in one single go. So, here are some insider travel tips for you;

  • The best place to experience the ultimate beauty of the lavender field is to land there in early to mid-June until August ends.
  • But you must also know that August is a vacation month throughout France, and the lavender fields are usually crowded around that time. So, if you want to relish the flower beds alone, reach a month before to get the best out of your trip.
  • If you opt for a road trip to the spot during the lavender season in Provence, have a 3-day detailed plan where if you have the time and budget, you can stroll through other places along the way or stay in one of the romantic country hotels.

I’ll Tell You the Best Places to Book a Room to Rest in the Provence

Lavender fields are located all over Provence, and if you’re a first-time visitor, make sure to head straight to Valensole to be a part of the best and most beautiful lavender fields. Also, book a staying place there that’s worth your trip.

1. Valensole

This is the best place to find top-quality lavender beds. However, it’s not a highly recommended place to stay as it’s a small town and the accommodation, dining and shopping options are very limited here. 

The only plus is that it is the quickest place to reach the lavender fields by car. Check out the accommodations list of Valensole here!

2. Manosque

Now comes the best place to stay to visit the lavender fields. It is a noteworthy town in the area where you get a variety of accommodation choices for different budget ranges, wonderful restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. 

Also, you can wander around the cobbled streets of this old town for half a day! But the only drawback is that it’s a bit farther from the fields. However, this place is closer to Provence, like Roussillon on Gordes, than Valensole, for you to have more fun. Here’s the accommodation list at Manosque.

3. Riez

Riez shares similar traits to Valensole. However, you might not need to take time to drive to the lavender fields, as the road between Riez and Valensole has lavender beds. Click here to learn about the accommodation opportunities at Riez.

The Different Lavender Types You Can See Throughout the Provence

The Lavender Fields in Provence
By Antony BEC/Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Around the world, the different lavender types you might come across are; Fine lavender, Spike lavender, and Lavandine. In France, fine lavender and lavandine are Provence’s most popularly cultivated varieties.

  • Fine lavender– It‘s the primary variety found throughout Provence, unavailable in any part of the globe! It grows at an 800-meter altitude and is a tiny plant with one flower per stem. Interestingly, this has been a traditional composition into medicines for its high medicinal properties and was called the ‘blue gold’ of the region. Most renowned perfume makers use this lavender variety for their expensive perfumes. 

  • LavendineBotanically known as the Lavandula hybrida, the Lavandine is a standard variety found worldwide between 0 and 80 m altitude. It’s a tall plant that grows in large round clumps and has two ramifications.  However, the traits of this plant are that it is more highly pungent than fine lavender, less subtle, and remains unused for medicinal purposes. So, they are not precious for lavender producers. 
    The Lavender Fields in Provence
    By Anna_Om/Depositphotos. Copyright

    To-Do- Rules at the Lavender Fields of Provence

     Visiting the purple blanket of lavender beds can surely amplify you to enjoy the beauty of nature. However, as a responsible traveler, you must note that it’s the livelihood of the local farmers to thrive for a short season. So, you must follow some guidelines to have quality time in the field!

    • Gain permission from the local farmers to enter the fields as these places are active in the business. If your request is turned down or signs do not permit access, please acknowledge them and pass them on. 
    • Tempting as it could be to pluck a few blossoms, you must ensure not to harm the plantation in any way as you are PROHIBITED to do so. The lavender business contributes largely to Provence’s economy, and your part is to protect it. So, keep this in mind and keep moving to the less crowded place that gives you entry. 
    • A word of caution is to keep your eyes open to swarms of bees that are in love with lavenders. They buzz around to pollinate the flowers. Have a handy repellant to avoid getting stung without knowledge. 
    • If you are bringing a drone with you to get a stunning bird’s view of the lavender fields, keep them at a higher altitude as they are not bee-friendly. They might hurt or kill the bees when they are near the blossoms. 

    With that, you’re all set to go to take a trip to the Provence lavender fields on your next vacation. But with so many fields out there, how do you pick the best places? 

    The Ultimate Wayfaring Guide to the Best Lavender Fields That’s Worth Visiting 

    • Plateau de Valensole Lavender FieldsYou can call this place the abode for the lavender fields, as you can find them in rows beyond the horizon with a stunning range of mountains as the backdrop. Different Valensole lavender sizes are available here, making it a huge hit among tourists, along with sunflower and wheat fields beside it to catch every eye. So don’t forget to stop by!
    • Pays de Sault lavender FieldsKnown as the capital field of fine lavender Pays de Sault is the only crowdless place to be a part of the authentic Provençal lavender. To get some best beautiful images start your road day trip from Avignon. And don’t miss watching the picturesque villages surrounding Mont Ventoux too!
    • Highly Boasted Luberon Lavender Fields- Considered as the city’s best lavender fields in the Luberon Valley, these pretty Lavadines are mostly cuties to anyone who passes by. Massif du Luberon, near Avignon, is where you can spot these mesmerizing purple rows perfectly. They sit glistening at 350-700 m altitude, where the surrounding Sénanque Abbey adds some spectacular views to the field. 
    • The Beloved Lavandes Angelevin- This is an awesome place where you get to see heart-shaped trees amidst the purple beds. Hence, it’s a place where photoholics are always present. Interestingly, the landers here are arrayed on the hills to amplify the beauty in the eyes of the beholder!

    Apart from this list, you can add many other places, like the Drôme Provençale, Abbey of Senanque, Lavender Museum Colustellet, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and much more which is up to you to visit!

    I Also Have to Tell You Some Mind- Blowing Secret Facts about the Provence Lavender Fields

    The Lavender Fields in Provence
    By serrnovik/Depositphotos. Copyright

    Do you know?

    • The lavender field was a female occupation in earlier times. Men worked at the fields while the women harvested them and sold them to middlemen or distilleries.
    • It was only by the 20th century that the lavender field in Provence had gained popularity for its capacity to be the main ingredient in perfume making. They were the top priority for top-notch perfume makers such as Grasse.
    • Lavenders can live up to seven years with proper gardening, pruning, and moisture especially around the root balls during the growing season. They grow best in arid climates as they are sun-lovers. 
    • Provence’s lavender is best suited for flavoring shortbread and making lemonade or tea.  
    • Lavender is the best antidote for digestive problems, treating throat aches, muscular pains and aches and the skin. You won’t believe that it’s an insect repellent too!
    The Lavender Fields in Provence
    By CITAlliance/Depositphotos. Copyright

    Apart from gazing and photo shooting in the lavender fields, I strongly recommend you take a trip to the renowned Lavender Festival held every year in Provence by village farmers. You can see huge crowds gathering here for the various events happening at the place where you can learn the importance and benefits of lavender. And what can excite you is that there are tons of local made lavender products around every corner to take back home!

    Now wasn’t that a tour in itself going into the magical and intoxicating lavender fields? Well, think how it would be if you were actually there at the place! So why don’t you quench your wanderlust to take the next trip there?

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    1. The Lavender Fields in Provence, France, offer a picturesque escape into nature. Timing is crucial, with early to mid-June to August being the best for full blooms. August is crowded, so plan wisely. Road trips are recommended, but narrow roads pose challenges. Consider hiring a service for a hassle-free experience. Organized tours from cities like Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, or Nice are alternative options. The lavender season isn’t just visually pleasing; it’s also a thriving business. Plan your visit strategically for an unforgettable experience.

    2. The article provides a comprehensive guide to visiting the Lavender Fields in Provence, France. It covers various aspects, including the best time to visit, how to reach the fields, recommended places to stay, types of lavender found in the region, and tips for responsible tourism. The article also highlights specific lavender field locations worth visiting, offers photography tips, and shares interesting facts about lavender.

      If you’re planning a trip to the Lavender Fields in Provence, the article provides valuable information to enhance your experience and make the most of your visit.

      1. To find yourself in a field full of purple lavender such a lovely dream. It really looks surreal and way too pretty. The surrounding is also breathtaking and I would love to be there. Thank you so much for introducing such a wonderful and amazing field.

    3. This truly does sound like a great destination to explore. Its embrace of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is an experience I am genuinely eager to embrace. The images accompanying the article alone are enough to make me want to be there.

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