Illuminated bridge in Škocjan Caves UNESCO site, Slovenia. Illuminated bridge in Škocjan Caves UNESCO site, Slovenia.

The Skocjan Caves, Slovenia: Discover the Abyss in all its Splendour Here!

Try imagining this…It might sound like something out of a fantasy tale, but it’s perfectly real!

You are walking deep into the subterranean such that your eyes cannot figure out the solid bottom of the place hidden with pitch-black darkness. Suddenly you can hear a river roaring and crashing over the rocks… Slowly the lights of the chambers dim as you turn back while walking deeper and deeper and deeper…

Hey! I’m not narrating any script, it’s the reality.

Welcome to the Skocjan Caves, popularly known as the Underground Canyon or the Silent Cave, located in Slovenia! This remarkable cave system is architected by the Reka River as underground chambers of up to 6 kilometers long. 

If you are looking forward to exploring underground passageways, bottomless chasms, waterfalls, subterranean lakes, and caves; I strongly recommend you visit here.

You can find the caves situated exactly in the Southwest part of Slovenia, quite far away from the sea. The cave’s entrance and visitor center are in the Matavun village, away from the highways linking Ljubljana and Koper. Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, and it is just 80 kilometers away from the Skocjan Caves.

On the other hand, the Slovenian coast’s central city Koper is 35 km away.  You can check out the exact location on the map I shared above.

Address: Javni zavod Park Skocjanske jame Skocjan 2 SI-6215 Divaca

You can reach the cave from Divača town in Southwest Slovenia, just 4km away. For that, you need to start your journey from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It can be reached by an hour’s drive, public transport, or shuttles. From Divača, you can easily walk up to the caves on the well-maintained footpaths and signages. 

Otherwise, if you wish to travel with a proper plan, then try organized tours to the place. In case you wish to travel on your own, check here!

I Can Assure That Visiting the Skocjan Caves Would be Your Lifetime Experience

Do you know that among the many karst caves worldwide, the Skocjan Caves are an extraordinary natural heritage with its enormous subterranean Canyon? Trust me, Every twist and turn has something new to explore, discover, and enjoy. You can troll the caves choosing one of the three options. But I recommend you try everything to get the best experience!

  • A Guided tour through the underground canyon
  • Following the Reka River underground
  • A circular walk along the surface, following the Škocjan Education Trail

If you are like me, the thought of going into the cave for the first time might not seem that exciting. After all, most of the caves are usually the same with their small, tight, damp, dark environment and… well, kinda boring? But not with this one, as these Caves will actually blow your mind leaving you wireless, breathless, and completely flabbergasted!

Each cavern is of colossal proportions making it hard to believe that you are in reality. Though you can explore a few caverns, a glimpse of the stalactites and stalagmites, numerous waterfalls in there are mind-boggling.

The case worsens if you stroll the lean passage elevated above the canyon, where the river runs deep below the gigantic canyons. You will seriously feel like you are getting enraptured into Toelkin’s Lord of the Rings to experience the battle of Gandalf and the Balrog. The caves are that huge! Slovenia does ace numerous places like the Postojna Caves and the Predjama Castle up its sleeve. But the magnificence of Škocjan Caves is tough to defeat. 

Upon entering the caves, you can get an otherworldly (the best word I can call the caves) experience. So, it’s not a wonder that Unesco declared Škocjan a World Heritage site in 1986. It completely deserves this title for its most impressive features! Still skeptical about what I mean, click here to take a virtual tour of the caves!

Now It’s Time to Learn Vital Information to Access the Caves. So, Here We Go!

The Skocjan Caves’ opening hours are usually not constant. It depends upon the number of visitors. During peak hours between June and September, touring happens hourly. Only guided tours are allowed inside the caves. Most tours are led by tour guides from the Skocjan Caves Regional Park in groups. 

So, here’s how time works at the caves;

  1. November to March: 10:00 to 13:00
  2. April, May, and October: 10:00, 13:00, and 15:30
  3. June, July, August, and September: 10:00 to 17:00 every hour.

When it comes to buying Skocjan Caves tickets, it’s highly recommended that you visit the official website to purchase them. Book them well in advance to ensure you have a spot on the group tour

Here is the price range for various age groups;

  • Adults: 24.00 EUR
  • Seniors: 18.00 EUR
  • Students: 18.00 EUR
  • Children: 12.50 EUR (Up to17.99 years)
  • Children: 0.00 EUR (Up to 5.99 years)

The tour, guided by rangers within the caves, takes up to 1.5 hours, starting from the visitor center. Depending on the trial you have chosen to explore, it might take a bit longer to get back to the visitor center. But trust me, once you have entered and got the taste of adventure in your veins, you might as well wish to explore its depths!

If you have any luggage, you can store it in the locker at the visitor center right behind the ticket desks. Besides that, the visitor center also has a souvenir shop, a restaurant, and tourist information. Ensure to follow the guidelines provided by your guide at the beginning of the tour.

Ultimately for safety reasons, pets are NOT ALLOWED inside the caves.

The caves within are generally cold throughout the year, with temperatures dropping to -12C.  So, if you are visiting during the summer, I suggest you wear a sweater, full-length pants, and socks with proper footwear like sports shoes. It might be hot outside the cave, though. During winter, don’t forget to bring a coat!

Škocjanske jame Slovenija - Skocjan Caves Slovenia - most amazing caves in Europe and World

According to UNESCO, Taking Photographs Inside the Main Caves Is Forbidden

Till now, I guess this denial might be probing your mind leaving you doubtful about visiting the caves. But there is a valid reason as to why it was implemented. 

  • First, allowing to take photographs might make the tours longer as people would spread all over the cave and stop often.
  • Secondly, as a result of this, the lights installed in the caves will have to be turned on for a longer time. 

Now the real consequence of turning on the lights of the caves is this;

It results in the increased development of lampenflora, a variety of plants that thrives on light. As this species increases, it eats up all the natural limestone formations and depletes the natural outlook of the caves. This threat is found in the cave, and rangers try their best to lower its proliferation.

So, as tempting as it might look to break this rule, I urge you to follow the rules to do your part to preserve this untouched beauty for the future. But if you are keen on taking a photograph, try getting special permission from the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

Your approval request takes a few months to process, and there’s a chance that your request might be accepted if you have a valid reason. 

Exiting the Beautiful Abyss!

Doubtless, to say more than reading the article, I wish you could actually go there to explore the caves. They are indeed a one-of-a-kind gem landscape of Slovenia. Trust me. You will jaw drop from start to end on your tour inside the caves.

Thanks for stopping by…Have a mind-blowing trip ahead

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