Woman enjoying the benefits of a cold shower. Woman enjoying the benefits of a cold shower.

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?

When we step into hot showers there is a feeling of relaxation, and we do not feel like stepping out at all. But when we get out of cold showers, there is a cool and soothing feeling which gives another form of relaxation.

Cold temperatures help improve circulation and hot temperatures help with muscle relaxation.

Well, if we count then I think we will come to a position where it will be difficult to decide. So for now, let’s begin by answering are cold showers good for your skin.

1. How to Take a Cold Shower?

Since it is sometimes a shocker, try to gradually get in by moving the temperature from high to low so that your body doesn’t jerk suddenly.

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When you start with cold showers for the first time your body will not be able to take it for long, so start with smaller durations and eventually increase as the body gets adapted to the temperature.

Another hack is alternating between hot and cold showers, and repeating the cycle 2-3 times while ending it with cold.

2. Benefits of a Cold Shower

2.1. Improving Circulation

You know that feeling when you step in for a cold shower, you feel chilly even before the first drop falls on you and you’re just mentally preparing yourself to step inside.

So, once you are under the cold water flowing down your body you feel a typical high, there is a plunge feeling which makes you get out of it as soon as possible you know what that is?

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?
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Well, it is the circulation that gets super pumped and increases the flow of blood throughout your body even all extremities.

Studies show that cold share majorly reduces inflammation and cardiovascular diseases in people suffering from hypertension.

All you have to do now is resist the urge to step out quickly, stay a little longer enjoy the water, and let it improve your circulation.

2.2. Softer Skin and Shinier Hair

If you feel your skin is brittle or your hair is thinning a lot, then it is time to turn down the temperature of your shower.

Switch to cold water showers as these make your skin softer and hair shinier and your complexion becomes better and even more glossy.

Cold water basically closes your pores, thus preventing unwanted dust and bacteria from entering the skin and also helps in reducing inflammation and redness in the skin and gives it a healthy glow.

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?
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Hot water basically leads to the removal of the body’s natural lubricant that acts as protection for your skin and hair.

Washing your hair with cold water makes them stronger and healthier as it tightens the cuticles thus strengthening them.

2.3. Boost Weight Loss

Although the question is whether cold showers are good for your skin is limited to skin, if we actually consider the body then we can see another positive stride.

The weight loss journey for everyone is a difficult path and we are always looking for some hacks that can help in making it a little easier.

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?
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So, cold showers are your answer. It is believed that cold showers help you in weight loss.

Researches show that taking a cold shower 2 to 3 times a week reduces obesity by healing the gastrointestinal system.

This can be explained by an example; some fat cells like brown fat generate heat by burning fats, this is achieved when your body is exposed to cold showers.

2.4. Calms Itchy Skin

Obviously, the comfort of a hot shower can not be compared to that of a cold shower. That said I would like to state another benefit of cold showers.

If your skin feels itchy, cold water helps you soothe it by reducing the itchy sensation and even for skin conditions like Eczema, cold water is preferred over hot water.

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?
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This is because hot water showers can wash off the protective bodily oils from the skin’s surface.

Due to the high temperature, the flow to the dermis also increases which in turn affects the nerve endings that will increase the itchy sensation.

2.5. Boosting your Immune System and Improving Mental Health

This comes as a shocker, isn’t it? Are cold showers good for your skin? Well, I think the question should have been about your whole body internally and externally.

You feel a different level of energy and you are invigorated this leads to an increase in your productivity and even your immune system. Now let’s understand the science behind this.

Cold showers are a sudden shock for the body in the morning this leads to vasoconstriction, which eventually leads to a sudden increase in the blood flow to all the organs and the skin.

Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?
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Next, it helps you to breathe better and deeper, increasing the intake of oxygen in the process, increasing heart rate and adrenaline release also. This leads to increased energy, increased metabolism, and a clear lift in your mental sharpness.

As we have seen that cold showers increase blood circulation, it forces the lymph vessels to contract and release which pumps fluid at a higher rate and helps in the removal of toxins.

It also increases the production of immune cells which help to fight off normal infections like colds and flu and basically kickstarts your immune system working as well as development.

3. End Notes: When Should you not Take a Cold Shower?

If you’re sick or you’re feeling cold it is clearly advised not to take a cold shower as this can worsen the situation.

The cold water temperature will not help your body temperature to rise and you will feel more cold.

If you’re sick then the cold water will actually take a toll on your immune system and you will eventually take a longer time to warm back up and get well.



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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. Taking cold shower helps to reduce obesity and itching is a new information to me. All the benefits of cold showers explained.. Really interesting and useful topic..

  2. Taking a cold shower always makes me feel refreshed but I didn’t know that it also helps in weight loss.

  3. Very informative article I didn’t know about the fact that the Cold shower will reduce the weight The article consists lot of other aspects like the above mentioned good article and Genuinely it helps the readers who are intended to reduce their weights and other things Lights want to have a good skin good looking beauty and many things .

  4. I’ve always preferred warm showers, but after reading this, I might consider switching to cold at least occasionally. Cold showers can be a shock at first. I found that starting with lukewarm water and gradually decreasing the temperature helped me adjust.

  5. The detailed breakdown of the benefits, from improved circulation and softer skin to potential weight loss and immune system boosts, is enlightening. The practical tips on how to incorporate cold showers into one’s routine, such as starting with shorter durations and alternating between hot and cold water, make the information more accessible. This has encouraged me to explore the potential advantages of incorporating cold showers into my daily hygiene routines.

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