Tips for Tight Skin During Weight Loss Tips for Tight Skin During Weight Loss

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

When you are working out it surely is rewarding to see results, and the biggest motivation to work out more is the constant improvement in your body.

Every individual will have different body goals which is true, but what is common for most people who are seeking to lose weight is the change or reduction in it.

But if with the rewards you get something that is not so pleasing then it sometimes feels like a bummer, which is the exact feeling people get when they have loose skin after their weight loss.

This article is all about how to avoid loose skin after weight loss constructively.

1. What People Overlook?

When the urge to lose weight comes to a peak, then people forget some basic principles that apply to their body and everyday routine, and thus messing up with them can lead to a bigger disaster.

The trend of dieting has become very prevalent lately all over the world, and people are blindly following different kinds of diets to lose weight.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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What they miss out on during such processes is the sudden crashing on the body’s eating habits plus the extreme pressure applied to follow the diet basically crashes the metabolism making it further slow; which will show the side effects later.

This implies that you might get quick results right after the diet but since your metabolism has been affected your weight putting on process has also been affected. 

2. How to Avoid Loose Skin after Weight Loss?

2.1. Gradual Weight Loss 

So, let us see what we can do to prevent the same, starting with the process of losing weight.

Make sure that if you have a long weight loss journey do not overdo the process or try to achieve very large targets in a very small span of time.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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Sometimes you might be in a situation where this is not possible but generally, it is recommended that the best way to lose weight is gradually as this prevents loose skin.

This is because any dieting affects the skin directly, making it less or more elastic and stretchy, which in turn makes it vulnerable to sagging and wrinkling. 

2.2. Building Muscles 

Rather than focusing on cutting down meals or other erratic activities, focus on building the muscles so that your skin will become tight and the empty space that was once filled by fat needs to be replaced by muscles.

This has also been concluded by studies conducted at the University of Colorado.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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The second benefit of muscle building is that it helps to keep you fit for longer because it burns calories even after your routine is over. 

2.3. Eating Right 

Consumption of the right kind of food is of utmost importance.

Yes, you are aiming towards a weight loss journey but that does not in any way mean that you do not pay attention to what you are eating.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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For your skin to remain taut and regain elasticity you should try and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables along with Vitamin A, C, and E-rich food items on an everyday basis. 

2.4. Quit Smoking 

Smoking is not only dangerous to your lungs but also to your body overall, and specifically when we are thinking about preventing loose skin we should completely cut down on cigarettes.

This is because cigarettes contain nicotine which adversely affects the skin by lowering its elasticity, and it also prevents the flow of nutrients to your skin.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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Due to this, you might experience early wrinkles and dry skin. 

2.5. Proper Hydration

Water is an essential input to the body as food and exercise or actually even more, and a right and a good amount of water consumption also increases the rate of weight loss.

It helps to increase your capacity to work and also kills your appetite to some extent.

Your skin will stay glowy and clean if you aim to consume a good amount of water every day. It will also help to maintain the skin elasticity and prevent the loose skin after weight loss. 

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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3. Factors that Affect Loose Skin after Lossing Weight

There are some factors that will affect the extent of loose skin after weight loss which means, that you will have loose skin but if these factors are clubbed along it might make a difference.

Smoking obviously affects the skin because it leads to lesser collagen production and also damages the existing collagen as well.

Similarly, extreme exposure to the sun will also affect you having loose skin after weight loss because the sun’s rays also reduce the collagen and elastin production levels in your body.

How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
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If you have been overweight or obese for a very long time you tend to have looser skin, the time is basically proportional to the loosening.

Age and the weight you’re losing are also some other relevant factors. 

4. Final Thoughts

Well, obviously you can expect that the loose skin after weight loss will go away on its own, although if the weight that you have lost is in a planned, gradual and effective manner plus it is not too much, then there is a possibility that it will retract on its own.

However, for huge weight loss where the change is really drastic, you can’t expect so.

In some cases, you might as well need medical interjections and other medical procedures, to avoid loose skin after weight loss.

To conclude overall, try to maintain a good eating and exercise regime throughout so you do not come to an obese stage, and if you are then follow good procedural training to achieve your desired body goals.

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