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What is Pop Music?

Let’s start from the beginning as to how and where pop music came from, what is pop music, how it became popular, why is it called pop music, and everything else around it.

1. Defining Pop Music

If we try to bring a description to pop music, we can say that as a genre,  a music type that is designed to appeal to teenage minds, and it has that kind of feel and energy that resonates with them.

It is not like jazz or classical or even rock music, although in some songs you can see inspiration from other genres but typically it is different from all of these and the style of music is very fresh and new.

What is Pop Music
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The whole idea remains that there is a constant change, something new is always incoming which is why there can never be a constant list of the best pop songs.

2. History of Pop Music

So, if we peep into the past we can see that pop music has been around in the United States and United Kingdom from around the 20th century which was the time when jazz, country, rock, blues, and other such genres were booming.

Although I’m sure it existed even before this, this is like a time when we can safely make predictions and assumptions about it.

How ABBA Reinvented Pop Music

Pop music which is actually short for popular music is nothing but a sweet blend of whatever music is popular at that given time period.

So, in that manner, it has changed when you consider the past and now but the whole idea of pop music is still the same whatsoever.

3. What is Pop Music?

In layman’s terms, any music that is trending or popular and loved by people at that time period is called pop music.

Now this can be R&B, blues, jazz, or even hiphop. The list of genres here is also not restrictive because practically it can be any type of music that is preferred during that period.

So, in this manner, it is actually the people, the listeners who will decide which music is good or bad and their opinions will make any music popular.

Due to advancements seen in the music industry, we have seen that there is an evolution of music, and newer creations have come into existence.

What is Pop Music
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The musicians have learned new things and incorporated them in creating new music which is targeted at different sets of people who will help to make that music pop.

So, the songs topping the charts other than hip-hop, electronic, and rap are basically falling into the category of pop music.

4. Elements of Pop Music

Let us now understand what in pop music makes it distinguishing, what are its elements and how is it actually made.

However, it really is not easy to break it down into elements because pop music is a form of very inspired art and has a lot of borrowings from other genres.

It can actually be described as the coming together of different music styles to create a whole new type of music.

One characteristic that we can say for sure is that songs from this genre are very relatable and danceable.

What is Pop Music
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Music is there, they will have such rhythms and beats that you will be hooked upon them very quickly and easily and also there is a specific type of repetition of the hooks to create that kind of hold.

These are usually very simple forms of music because they want to cater to a large audience without trying to create any barrier by bringing in anything strikingly niche or new into the music.

It focuses on creating a stimulating experience and a large appeal. This is also the reason why you see it topping charts not just where is it released but literally anywhere and everywhere in the world.

5. Pop Music Artists

Let’s enlist some pop music artists. Well, this would be very easy for all of us as these are those artists who have created music that has stayed with us not just for a few weeks but sometimes even for months at a stretch.

Some of the famous pop artists are Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Micheal Jackson, Adele, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, and the list goes on.

What is Pop Music
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Now some of the names above are very new while others have been around for maybe a decade or more, so this is the whole essence of pop music that has been highlighted by this varied list.

Creation of music that is favoured extremely by people so much so that it stays with them for the longest time and the artist is remembered for a very long time.

All the later songs also gain popularity and they are not easily thrusted by new competition.

6. Marketing of Pop Music

As we have seen by now the idea is to reach the world and not a niche, marketing of pop music is done in a phenomenal manner.

What is Pop Music
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Once a new song or album is released you will literally listen to it anywhere and everywhere possible, until it is actually etched in your brain and now you want to listen to it by choice.

The style of marketing used here is one that we use for fads, which is promoting as much as possible when it is new and creating a huge push before something else can come to replace it.

7. Final Thoughts

Pop for music is what fast fashion is to the fashion industry, create quickly and fade quickly.

But just like some fads which actually last a lifetime some pop music also lasts infinitely on charts of the best songs.

It is trending music, which is loved by all and tries to create no distinction among the listeners. The most heard of although can be even pushed away very easily.



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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. I enjoy listening to pop music. Although I had some knowledge of the genre, I quite appreciated what you had to say about the evolution of pop music and the names of its singers, which was entertaining. I am surprised by how well Michael Jackson and other iconic pop singers have captured the essence of pop music for more than two decades.

  2. This blog provides a comprehensive introduction to pop music, covering its definition, historical roots, and the dynamic nature that defines its essence. It effectively highlights pop music’s connection to popular trends, its constant evolution, and its ability to incorporate influences from various genres.The inclusion of a table of contents enhances the blog’s structure, making it easy for readers to navigate through different aspects of pop music. The historical context, mentioning the 20th century as a pivotal period, adds depth to the narrative, and the reference to ABBA’s role in reinventing pop music adds a specific and interesting touch.

  3. I listen pop music that is Indian pop music but I don’t have that kind of keen interest in this kind of music but still it is a very good music and the explanations or information which is articulated in the article is very well and you will get a fine amount of knowledge about the pop music from the article.

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