Two students studying with mobile devices outdoors. Two students studying with mobile devices outdoors.

Tuning into Success- Does Music Help You Study?

I have noticed a couple of my friends who keep their music system on while studying. Like, I prefer reading or studying in silence. Still, very light instrumental music sometimes suits me while working. I don’t know maybe it develops a sort of rhythm in my mind or whatever. But yeah! I love music. And I had this doubt only a few months back. As of now, I know the reasons behind it.

Well, it seems like a very debatable topic. I found that I was not alone in this doubt. As some people say that they can focus a lot with the help of music. And then, there is another set that believes that it is very distracting and it is almost impossible to get work done with any sort of background music. So, let’s clarify the things better.

Actually, various reasons prove music helps us in study and other works. I’ll explain you all one by one.

1. The Mozart Effect

Since it is being debated so much we need to bring some scientific aspect to our question.

So, according to a study conducted in the 1990s, it was observed that a certain type of music was created by Mozart that helped pupils with improved spatial reasoning and better test scores. This change in scores and better reasoning was actually monumentally enough to be known as the Mozart effect since then.

But with the Mozart effect being helpful, we can also say that the effect is temporary and does not really create an impact on your IQ.

2. Proven to Ease Stress

It has been proven by a study which was conducted in Russia, that listening to music, particularly classical music for around 45-60 minutes a day helps in the relaxation of the brain. We can actually see in this manner that we are overflowing with emotions all the time which can be happy, sad, bitter, or even harsh.

And it is not usually the happiness that we can not handle, it is actually the negative and the sad emotions that take a toll on our lives.

So, music in such cases helps you unwind and stay a little unaffected by these; so that you do not feel overwhelmed. It helps you to focus better. This helps in learning more effectively and eventually getting better results.

3. Helps with Anxiety

Anxiety attacks have become so common these days, and there are a lot of ways to deal with anxiety. But not all ways are easy or quickly accessible. People can also feel anxious about literally anything in the world which can be really small or really big, but a solution is needed for both.

So, if we take the example of college-attending students, they are always under some stress. Be it the submission of an assignment, upcoming exam, or sometimes just general competitiveness or fear of the future.

In such cases, music is the number one source for relieving anxiety. Also, studies conducted by Cambridge University show that hip-hop music helps students relieve stress. It has something that helps you uplift your mood and you feel better and high-spirited. Generally, also, you can listen to music as it really helps to bring down your crippling anxiety and makes you feel better about yourself and your mental situation.

4. Improves Brain Functions

We have now seen that music elevates mood, helps battle anxiety and it reduces stress. But we haven’t still thought about why is it so. I’ll explain that. Listening to music helps us because it is a cognitive exercise for the brain, and helps in its training

People who are aware of this, start training the brain with music at an early age and thus have much healthier brains. However, age doesn’t matter. You can use music whenever you understand its importance.

5. Memory and Music

When you listen to a new song, you catch the lyrics within 3-4 times of listening to it, but if you do the same with your research data or any document analysis it does stay the same. We can even recall lyrics of songs that we probably heard five years ago. But if we go down the line, and I ask you to explain to me a Physics formula from your college year you just can not.

This is because our brain picks up patterns to learn new things. That’s why songs have patterns meaning, certain rhythm, tone, or catchy music. They have lyrics that are either so eloquent or so quirky that they are immediate attention creators.

Another aspect that is seen when associating our memory with music is that certain music has a high recall value. This may be because that music is related to a certain event or occasion or a person and the song then retrieves their memory.

Music in this sense can help you go back and relive a happy memory or sometimes even sad, but it definitely does hold a lot of sentimental value for all humans.

6. Helps you Focus More

Music is said to improve your focus. This is because it activates the part of your brain that is involved with attention. It helps to make better predictions and use our memory formation to come to those.

Although the focus can be increased in both negative and positive manner. This basically depends on what kind of music you are using to train your brain to complete any task at hand.

I’m sure now you guys also have a better understanding of music’s effects and how it helps us to do certain tasks in a better manner. Yes, music does positively affect our brains and body. Because it leads to the activation of both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously and this in turn leads to better learning and stronger memory building. This is why it enhances any activity that you’re doing.

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. I always thought I was the only one doing it, but damn, am I amazed there are actual studies proving it!!
    really opened my eyes on why does it occur.

  2. for me, i like to listen to jazz instrumental or classical music when i’m studying. it really helps me concentrate much better. but you have to know when you need to focus more on your book and turn the music off.

  3. Music can be a great companion. I can listen any music when I have a headache or doing my assignments. But when it comes to study I prefer complete peace. I tried every kind of music to accompany me and my studies but nothing worked.

  4. I can agree with it, without a doubt, music is the best thing for me. It helps me with most of the things, and study is one of them, it keeps my mind calm and composed most of the time.

  5. As someone who loves studying with music, this article was a treasure trove of insights. Learning about Mozart’s effect, linking Mozart’s music to improved reasoning and test scores, was intriguing. It was also fun to learn that the impact of music on our brains and bodies, attributes it to the simultaneous activation of both hemispheres, ultimately enhancing learning and memory building.

  6. I am one of those people who can hardly concentrate when there is music. I get easily distracted which is why I am always shocked when my friends say otherwise. However, I now understand that the music I choose to listen to when studying can make a huge difference. I will try Mozart music for sure.

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