Aerial view of Daintree Rainforest meeting the Coral Sea. Aerial view of Daintree Rainforest meeting the Coral Sea.

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What are the best tropical forests you have learned about for many years? You guessed it right! It’s the Amazon Rainforest or even the rainforests of Borneo. anyone would give the same answer. However, you must undoubtedly admit that these are some of the best rainforests but are ultimately not the only rainforests found across the globe. I mean there are many more rainforests where you can plan your next vacation. So, if you have already explored the Amazon rainforest or have no plans to visit the U.S. for now, don’t worry. You can visit Australia!

I will tell you about another peculiar one. What are you wondering about? You might have known Australia for its beautiful deserts and beaches. But, it also boasts a UNESCO World Heritage-listed rainforest since 1988. Well, it’s the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia! If you have missed it in your upcoming tourist itinerary to Australia, make it a top priority to visit before you step off the Australian shores.

So let’s begin our informative journey. Hey! don’t forget to check this map I shared to help you know the exact location.

The Daintree in Queensland, Australia: A Spectacular Coverage

Do you know that Daintree is one of the oldest rainforests that existed millions of years ago? Even today, the forest offers magical ancient energy to every visitor who steps into the place. 

The most extraordinary place on Earth

Sir David Attenborough

Like its unique geography, there is some fantastic stuff to enjoy, from immersing yourself at a luxury healing spa, crocodile spotting, and river rafting to soak into the knowledge contained within the rainforest for generations, from the locals to spearfishing. So, I recommend you include this spot in your bucket list.

The Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia
By Manny Moreno/Unsplash. Copyright 2020

The Daintree spans around a 1,000-square-mile- landscape. It is the only tropical rainforest in a continuous area on the Australian Continent. It grows like a continuous chain in the Daintree River’s Northern coastline up to the sea’s edge.

The Exact Location of the Daintree Tropical Rainforest

The rainforest is situated in Tropical North Queensland and is divided into two sections by a small agricultural land. 

The Northern part of the rainforest, known as the Daintree Coast or The Daintree, occupies the low-lying coastal areas between the Bloomfield and Daintree Rivers, meeting the reef.

Subsequently, the Southern part of the Daintree region extends from Mossman Gorge’s rainforest walks on the North Mossman River up to the Daintree River. This area is also inclusive of 

  • Rainforested coastal ranges
  • Pristine beaches
  • Tropical farmlands
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Horse-rides
  • Tropical gardens
  • Minuscule, historic Daintree Village, where descendants of the earliest pioneering families occupy

If you wish to take a tour here, the best mode of transportation is renting a car from Port Douglas and driving 86 km North to the Rainforest and the Daintree National Park. From Cairns, it’s a two-hour drive. The rainforest, Daintree Village, Cape Tribulation, and Mossman Gorge are within the park boundaries, with numerous mountains and beaches. 

So, as you drive through to the spot, keep your eyes open. Why I’m saying this? I want you to enjoy all, the beautiful scenery of the rainforest-covered mountains, secluded palm-fringed tropical beaches, hidden coves, lush sugar-cane fields, and rugged headlands.

I’ll Tell You What Makes Daintree Rainforest Important

The Daintree is one of the oldest, most famous, and unique rainforests you can ever find across the globe. Here’s why this tropical wonderland is so important;

 1. The Size and the Age of the Rainforest

This is the rainforest that runs continuously across precisely 1,200 square kilometres. It is obviously the largest rainforest in Australia and has ranked third place in being the largest in the world. Situated between Port Douglas and Cooktown, this rainforest can contain 16 times the country of Singapore within it!

You might have an interrogation popping in your mind about how old is the Daintree Rainforest. Now, be ready to be spellbound as this rainforest dates back 180 million years, older than the 10-million-year-old Amazon Rainforest! Can you believe this? It’s true. So, this is the only rainforest that allows us to trace the evolution of plant life on Earth over the Amazon.

2. The Wildlife

I must say that the Daintree forest is not just a place to spend exciting holidays but it gives you a immersive learning experience too. As a result of its existence since the foundation of planet Earth, this Rainforest has a complex ecosystem housing 50% of plants and animals worldwide. Also, the rainforest has primitive flowering plants, which scientists believe to obtain records of the evolution of the species of flowering plants. 

Daintree Rainforest Documentary in 4K | Australia Nature | Queensland | Original Documentary

Records show that 12 out of 19 primitive species of primitive plant species on earth are found in this rainforest, along with 77 exotic threatened species of Daintree Rainforest plants. 

For instance, the Idiospermum australiense (aka the Idiot Fruit) grows only in this rainforest and is the rarest primitive flowering plant species. Also, the vulnerable species of Trailing sundew (Drosera prolifera), near-threatened species of Yellow siris (Archidendropsis xanthoxylon), and the endangered species of Mangrove orchid (Dendrobium mirbelianum) are found only in this rainforest.

Subsequently, looking at the Daintree Rainforest animals, this place holds a sizeable fauna population than the rest found in Australia. The rainforest comprises 30% of Australia’s frog inhabitants, 65% of butterflies and bats, 18% of the total avian species, and around 12,000 distinct insect species. 

You can find the rare endangered Cassowary, Bennets Tree-Kangaroo, the Ulysses butterfly, and the White-Lipped tree frog.

Finally, many plant and animal species are endemic to the rainforest and are unsuitable to grow or breed in any part of the world!

3. The Mountains

Interestingly, the Great Dividing Range, one of Australia’s significant mountain ranges, extends further to Queensland and the Daintree. These ranges have similar flora you find in the Daintree. The highest mountain peaks of the Daintree are Mount Sorrow (743 meters), Mount Hemmant (1040 meters) and Thornton Peak (1374 meters).

4. The Daintree Rainforest Climate

The rainforest experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, with varying temperatures and precipitation between summer and winter. In winter, the days drop to 26°C, with nights taking a significant dip in temperature. You can experience this climate in July, one of the coolest months in the region. Consequently, the temperature shoots up to 32°C in summer, and you can experience this climate in January or February. 

5. A Gateway to Tourism

It’s a great natural attraction and a famous tourist spot for millions of visitors annually. The mesmerizing landscape offers beautiful mountains, beaches, rivers, rainforests, gorges, and waterfalls. Also, the most dazzling landmarks are accessible, and it would be of great worth if you could make it to them on your upcoming trip!

Ultimately, these are a few of the many features of this peculiar rainforest amidst an arid country like Australia. There are so many parts that are yet to be explored!

The Dainty Daintree History: Where it All Began?

Are you interested in knowing the history behind this old forest? I would like to tell you this because I found it quite interesting and I’m sure you will also like this unique piece of information.

Existing for 180 million years, the history of the Daintree dates back to the arrival of the Indigenous peoples of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji tribe. They were the traditional rainforest owners of the rainforest. However, since the rainforest was extensive and thick, 18 Aboriginal groups camped there and are connected with the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. However, the Kuku Yalanji tribe co-existed in the rainforest to survive and thrive. They had significant knowledge about the rainforest, lived on vegetation, and hunted local animals.

This tribe existed in the rainforest for more than 9000 years until the European invasion of Australia in the 1800s. With the discovery of gold in the rainforest, the British colonisers attacked the indigenous locals and began mining the rainforest. In 1988 the first village was introduced. As a result, a significant part of the forest was destroyed. Here, you must note that the years before 1988 did not have a village. 

Later after the discovery of the primitive flowering plants, the region became a World Heritage Listed Site and a popular tourist destination since the 1950s.

I’ll Also Tell You Some Unbelievable Stories from the Heart of Daintree

Being one of the most fascinating and unique rainforests in the world, the Daintree is the best place to visit to enjoy as a family!

So, keep reading these marvelous Daintree Rainforest facts that will surely itch your wanderlust to take a trip to this extraordinary World Heritage Listed Site hailing since the Jurassic period.  

  • The name of the rainforest was given in honor of Richard Daintree, a renowned 19th-century Australian geologist, and photographer.
  • The Daintree is also known as a place to experience bioluminescence marvel. If you stroll through the forest at night, you might be lucky to find a glow of bioluminescent fungus, moss, and even glow worms!
  • Numerous trees tower above the forest thicket and are considered even the tallest in the world! One such kind is the Bull Kauri, a conifer species that grows up to 50 meters tall and 2.7 meters wide.
  • You can get a first-hand experience of rich and diverse Indigenous culture. A visit to the Mossman Gorge Centre and its Dreamtime Walk, some ancient sites drowned in heritage. To top it all, you must take the Walkabout Cultural Adventures, operated and owned by the Kuku Yalanji tribe at Cape Tribulation.
  • Every hectare of land in the rainforest houses distinct trees that are not found in the totality of the United Kingdom. Take a trip to the Daintree Discovery Centre to get the best glimpse of the unique plant life on the 23-metre Rainforest Canopy Tower.
  • Enjoying just the green expanse of the rainforest is the ultimate thing to do at the Daintree. You can also take an edible adventure by visiting the Daintree Food Trail. 
Australia, Daintree Rainforest  ( HD )

Learning about the Daintree Tropical Rainforest has certainly whetted my travel appetite to return. I hope they have inspired you to visit and explore the exotic spheres of nature in this fantastic rainforest! So, book your tickets to Australia to unlock this wild treasure.

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