Concept of soul departing body, afterlife representation. Concept of soul departing body, afterlife representation.

Is There Life After Death? Expert’s Advice

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? This question has been lingering for a long time, and people have been thinking and questioning life after death to scientists, astrologers, future readers, and quite literally anyone who could answer it.

Aren’t you attracted to and intrigued with the afterlife? It is something that has spiked curiosity in a lot of people, and they have been chasing answers to it.

Religious Aspect

Let us understand the concept of death and the afterlife. The belief systems say that once we die in physical form, we do not really die, but the body continues to thrive in cosmic form in the spirit world. So, this implies that the boundary is not set at death; there is an existence for us beyond this boundary on earth, and so we spend eternity in the spiritual realm.

According to a recent study done by a radiation oncologist in the USA, Dr. Jeffrey Long, who also established the “Near Death Experience Research Foundation” in 1998, extensively studied 5000 cases of near-death experiences, which led him to assert and confirm that life continues after death undoubtedly.

When this has been stated, then what about our consciousness? What about our souls? If you look at death in different religions, you will see that the cremation process is different, and they all have different significance.

The concept of hell and heaven is also defined in different ways, and some believe in reincarnation while others do not. 

Every religion has different interpretations of death and afterlife, and this is how the mystery continues. Islam, Hinduism, or Christianity, any religion that we consider, has different rituals and follows different theories. Some will burn the body, others bury it, and some might even let it float in holy waters.

Chasing the Mystery

But have you ever wondered why are we chasing this answer? Why are we so immersed in seeking the solution? Well, very honestly it is because of the numerous stories and mythologies that go around life after death.

Different people and communities believe in different kinds of things, and they propagate stories based on what they know.

For a number of people, it is just the idea of getting this information that will give them solace; they feel that the space of life that is unfulfilled after many attempts will be complete if they know what will happen after they die.

They want to know what will happen to their body, can their body survive later, and if so, then how will it.

They correlate the answer of life after death with the meaning of existence, as a lot of people believe that if their purpose in life is not completed before they die, then how is it accomplished? 

Because the purpose of life is a very strong concept, and the completion of the goals in life is considered a way to a better life in many societies.

Multiverse Theory

According to the multiverse theory, there are multiple universes and not just one; some say that we exist in a parallel universe simultaneously, and others say that when we die from one universe, we move to another one.

So, basically, death is not our end but just a transition from one universe to another. Our form of living may change as there is a possibility that we exist in different forms in different universes.

Our life after death is a big question in this sense, even the state of consciousness. It is like an infinite universe setup where there is no clarity. So, a lot of people in scientific communities just believe in this as if they believe in any conspiracy theory.


In Hindu mythology, reincarnation was just limited to Gods earlier because people believed that Lord Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Rama. 

In some mythological literature, they say that Lord Vishnu is the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. But then people started to say that they were reincarnated in human forms or sometimes humans were reincarnated in God/cosmic forms.

In this manner, the reincarnation theory shifted from God to humans, and people started believing that there is life after death. 

People do not really die; their soul just moves from one physical body to another, implying that the body dies. The soul is a limitless or endless being that experiences near-death experiences and moves on to the next life.

So, after death, the soul continues to grow and receives more and more enlightenment in the bright light of the celestial kingdom. 

This is why some people say that whatever you do will come back to you, if not in this life, then probably in another one. Karma is the term that they use for past events and final judgment.

For good deeds, you have good karma, and for bad deeds, you have bad karma. So, depending on the activities that you do or how you treat people, it all is supposed to come back to you.

Life After Death
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According to karma, life is like a boomerang. So, whatever you throw comes right back at you. This is why life coaches and gurus always preach that send a good note, a good deed, and gratitude to the universe.

Because you are not really escaping it ever, whatever it is that you are sending will be what you are receiving.

The karma theory goes beyond and actually meets with the purpose of life theory. It is believed that a person with low karma or not-so-good karma is somebody who has not done good enough in life and has not achieved the true purpose or meaning of their life, which is why when they die, their physical bodies die, but their souls are not liberated.

For somebody who has a lot of good karma in hand, it is believed that the purpose of their life is fulfilled. Such a person dies easily, peacefully, and without any pain. They do not face any kind of injury, mishap, or accident in life or any near-death experiences.

Final Thoughts

You have read above that there are different beliefs that people have about life after death. Some say that it is an infinite process and an eternal life whereas others say that it might stop, but there can be reincarnation after one has visited heaven. 

You can believe the afterlife thoughts of different religions and cultures based on what resonates with your thinking. It is a series of age-old questions widely debated and has a lot of theories and even cosmic answers to it.

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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. Being a religious believer I always believed in the fact that people will continue to live in other world even after the death. But i always wondered if our soul dies or not, if we reincarnate or not, if we go to some other parallel world or not. It was always a mystery and it may remain mystery for forever.

  2. Life after death and the law of karma seem to be connected. Most of people do not get back for what they did and so the belief of the afterlife gets stronghold. The author discussed the topic well and worth reading. A neutral approach to the topic engages the reader and compels him to read it till last sentence.

  3. I understand that the thought of our existence vanishing after death can be scary. It’s natural to have questions and fears about the unknown. However, the concepts of karma and spiritual journey that this article has provided can give comfort and guidance in navigating these uncertainties. You say that our actions have consequences and that we continue to move forward on a spiritual path even after physical death. I’m glad that I could feel support and encouragement to explore these ideas further because they are among some of the areas of my interest.

  4. Well, in this article showed about the concept of life after death varies across cultures, religions, and beliefs. Some believe in an afterlife, reincarnation, or spiritual continuation, while others hold different views or believe in an absence of an afterlife.

  5. Hinduism says that there’s life after death and that is why we have to keep our karma in check. After death, someone can take birth of human again or an animal..depending on his karma. They may also attain moksha and go to paradise if they performed good deeds on earth.

  6. It was fun to explore diverse perspectives on life after death, delving into religious interpretations, near-death experiences, and cultural death rituals. It ponders the human fascination with the afterlife, linking it to questions of existence, purpose, and life goals. The multiverse theory and reincarnation concepts are introduced, shedding light on multiple universes and the Hindu belief in the cyclical nature of life. The article concludes by acknowledging the wide-ranging theories and cosmic perspectives that fuel age-old debates on the mysterious subject of life after death.

  7. The article prompts contemplation on the vast array of beliefs and the quest for understanding beyond the physical realm .The exploration of life after death remains a captivating journey, with diverse religious beliefs and scientific theories adding layers to the mystery. The concept of reincarnation, rooted in various cultures, introduces the idea of continuous soul growth and karmic repercussions, making the afterlife a complex and interconnected realm. As humans grapple with the unknown, the pursuit of answers reflects the profound significance attached to understanding the purpose and continuity of existence beyond the physical realm.

  8. yes, i believe there is a life in another world after death. but it all depends on each person’s beliefs. Many people believe there is a life of reincarnation too

  9. This piece prompts contemplation on the profound questions of existence, purpose, and the potential continuation of consciousness beyond death. It invites readers to consider the diverse beliefs and theories surrounding life after death and encourages a thoughtful exploration of this age-old mystery.

  10. Given the various beliefs discussed in this post, there is life after death. The reincarnation one is quite intriguing and I am glad I now know about it. However, there is still inadequate information to proof them.

  11. When it comes to death, everything is a mystery. We don’t have any idea if we really take 7 janam Or we have afterlife or not. Everything is just a theory without any proof but I do somewhat believe in reincarnation. Well, we can not speak anything for sure but the assumptions will always remain.

  12. your article provides a thoughtful and respectful exploration of the age-old question of life after death. The mentioned additions could enrich the discussion by including scientific insights, highlighting cultural variations, acknowledging grief and loss, and encouraging personal meaning-making.

  13. No doubt that there is life after death. Islam beautifully addresses the question of life after death. The concept of Akhirah (the Hereafter) provides hope and purpose. It encourages believers to live a righteous life, knowing that they will be accountable in the afterlife. It’s a comforting and motivating aspect of Islamic teachings.

  14. This engaging article by Anushree Khandelwal examines the age-old question of life after death, exploring religious beliefs, near-death experiences, and scientific theories. Delving into the human fascination with the afterlife, it provides thought-provoking insights into the emotional and psychological aspects driving the quest for answers. Additionally, the article introduces intriguing concepts like the multiverse theory and reincarnation, offering readers a diverse and compelling exploration of this profound topic.

  15. I am a person who greatly believes in science and its wonders. However, I cannot stop thinking about this concept of life after death hence why I am so intrigued abouf it. This article was very great and informative to read!

  16. After reading this article, I felt a sense of peace within, but also a stormy wave struck me. The storm was because of reincarnation, as we ourselves don’t really know if we’re correctly fulfilling our purpose. The concept of a soul transmitting into bodies and living life again and again, in my view, is somewhat a disguise. On the other hand, there was peace due to the potential liberation we might experience as we die. Thanks for a great write-up.

  17. This is one of the questions all human beings ask at some point in their lives. You have covered all the common explanations, like karma, reincarnation, etc., and it is interesting to read. Even if we know whether there is a rebirth, a person cannot remember the past birth. It will be wise to live a good life in the present.

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