Woman using micellar water for skincare routine Woman using micellar water for skincare routine

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?

With the everyday social lifestyle, we are seeing that people are increasingly using makeup, which not only helps us to look more presentable but also enhances our looks.

But when you come back home after a long tiring day and want to hit the bed and get some rest, the first thing that you want to do is remove all the makeup let your skin breathe, and lift off the weight.

There are a lot of ways to remove makeup like using facial cleansers, makeup removers, and face washes.

However, in this article, we will be talking about micellar water; so read the article to know is micellar water good for your skin and everyday use.

1. What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is basically a liquid which is used as a face cleanser. But let’s break it down.

So, micellar water contains micelles which are tiny molecules that contain surfactants, water, and glycerine and if you don’t know, surfactants are molecules that have two sides, one that attracts water and the other that attracts oils.

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?
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So, when a person applies micellar water on their face, the side which attracts oil sucks the debris, sweat, and makeup from the face and cleans your face.

The other side which attracts water is what helps the micelles float in the water. The downside is sometimes people feel that it is not very effective for heavy or waterproof makeup.

2. Is Micellar Water Good for Your Skin? : Benefits of Using Micellar Water

Micellar water is way more gentle on the skin as compared to its counterparts like cleansers, and it can be used without washing or scrubbing the face; due to the presence of glycerine and water, it helps to remove makeup very easily.

According to a study conducted in 2020, it has been proven that people with sensitive skin can also use micellar water because it does not contain any irritants.

Indeed due to the presence of glycerine, there is a possibility that if there is irritation then that can also be soothed.

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?
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It is a very hydrating liquid makeup remover as compared to makeup wipes, which leave your skin dry and flaky.

These are usually alcohol-free, so again very soft on the skin. The most important feature which we discussed above is the surfactant molecules that suck out the oil, which eventually helps to unclog the pores also.

3. Uses of Micellar Water

The first and most obvious use is as a makeup remover, which is a gentle skin cleanser. It leaves your skin clean and refreshing.

It is a single product that can be used to remove makeup from your eyes and face. Also, since there is no alcohol it does not sting your skin and does not smear your makeup as well.

Well, not everyone is applying makeup every day and not everyone likes to wear makeup. So, is micellar water useless for them?

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?
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Actually no, this is because micellar water can also be used as a soft face wash which is light on the skin. It is nourishing and hydrating and leaves your face feeling fresh not oily or very dry.

But it still does not end here, because of the ingredients with which micellar water is made it can actually be used as a toner as they have very similar ingredients.

It performs essentially the same function of cleansing the oil and cleaning the pores, plus it is like water which is very lightweight; just like toners.

Sometimes you need sanitizers a lot because you’re traveling and do not have access to water or washrooms and it can also be a situation like the pandemic, where there is an extreme need to sanitize frequently.

Micellar Water
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In such cases, the problem that arises is that the sanitizers that we use generally make the skin very dry. So, an alternative to this would be using micellar water, just like sanitizers you can just take a few drops and rub your hands together.

Now that we have seen how micellar water works with oil and dirt on our faces, why do we limit its usage to that only?

A very efficient use of its cleansing properties can be for cleaning makeup brushes.

Micellar water can be used to wipe off oil, dust, and makeup residue from the brushes and you do not even have to buy any specific cleaner for these brushes now.

4. How to Use Micellar Water?

The general way to use micellar water is by taking a few drops on a cotton pad or a thick tissue.

Take the bottle dab a few drops on your cotton and rub gently on the face using circular motions after you have wiped off the heavy makeup from your lips and eyes.

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?
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You might have to repeat it 2/3 times in case you’re wearing a lot of makeup or if your makeup is waterproof. Ideally, you should repeat till you get an almost clear cotton pad, showing as good as no signs of debris makeup, or oil.

Although you do not need to wash or rinse your face after that, some people do that just for like a more satisfactory feeling.

5. End Notes: Side Effects of Micellar Water

Although micellar water does not contain anything very harmful or irritating causing irritation, sometimes people might have some problems.

One of the reasons can be the presence of surfactants in it because, in case of excessive usage, there is a possibility that a person’s face can develop a layer or buildup of surfactants on the skin.

Due to such occurrences, it has been suggested always to first do a patch test for any product that you use on your skin, especially any new product.

In any case, if by usage you have redness, dryness, or any kind of irritation on the skin you should stop using it.



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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. the information on the method of application of micellar water was particularly helpful, and it was relieving to know that it is not harmful to my skin.

  2. Micellar water is a gentle, hydrating makeup remover with tiny molecules called micelles that attract oils and debris from the skin. Its benefits include being suitable for sensitive skin, hydrating, and unclogging pores. Used as a makeup remover, face wash, or toner, it leaves the skin refreshed. Micellar water can even be used for cleaning makeup brushes and as an alternative to drying hand sanitizers.

  3. This detailed exploration of micellar water effectively highlights its multifaceted benefits, from gentle makeup removal to its suitability for sensitive skin. The article’s breakdown of micelles and their action in cleaning both oil and water aspects adds clarity. The versatility of micellar water as a face wash, toner, and even a tool for cleaning makeup brushes expands its practicality. The inclusion of usage tips, such as multiple passes for heavy makeup, enhances user guidance. The caution about potential side effects emphasizes the importance of patch tests for new skincare products.

  4. The step-by-step guide on how to use micellar water is quite handy, especially for those new to incorporating it into their skincare routine. Additionally, the caution about potential side effects and the recommendation for a patch test demonstrate a responsible approach to skincare advice. This not only answers the question of whether micellar water is good for the skin but also provides valuable information on its benefits, uses, and proper application.

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