Woman applying organic facial scrub for natural exfoliation. Woman applying organic facial scrub for natural exfoliation.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally?

Exfoliation is good for the skin but you need to keep in mind that too much exfoliation is not a good idea, because too much cleaning also affects your skin’s natural barrier.

Usually exfoliating once in 5-6 days is a good idea. It helps to remove dead skin and maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Also, be very careful if you have a skin disease or sensitive skin, and exfoliate at good intervals using proper methods.

If you’re an adult, frequent exfoliation is a good idea because it helps in skin regeneration and hence reduces aging. Let’s see how to exfoliate skin naturally so that it does not have any harmful effects.

1. Why Should You Exfoliate Skin Naturally?

Exfoliation has a lot of benefits, it not only removes dead skin but also increases the growth of new and healthy skin by increasing cell turnover.

It helps in clearing skin which eventually fades the discoloration and gives you a more uniform complexion.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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Primarily it cleanses pores, removes oil, dust, or bacteria, unclogs them, and also helps with hyperpigmentation by improving the texture of the skin and making it smooth and soft.

Finally, continuous and good exfoliation helps to reduce the lines and wrinkles we see on our faces.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, routine exfoliation makes your skin brighter, prevents clogged pores, increases collagen production, and minimizes skin sagging.

2. How to Exfoliate Skin Naturally?

Let’s look at the most common ways how to exfoliate skin naturally, using easily available products at home.

2.1. Honey

Honey is like a miracle product, good for your health, face, and skin. Exfoliation with honey helps your skin because honey has gluconic acid and alpha hydroxy acids.

These not only help to make your skin better but also helps treat skin problems like dermatitis and psoriasis.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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To exfoliate using honey just take a little bit into your hands and apply to your face using a circular motion, let it stay for a while and then rinse with water.

2.2. Yogurt

Yogurt not only helps in new growth but also removes dead skin cells, so exfoliation using yogurt helps to get a better complexion since it contains lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid.

The pH of yogurt is such that it supports exfoliation because low pH helps in exfoliation.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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For exfoliation take a small amount of yogurt and apply it on your face, if not your hands you can also use a brush.

Now let it stay for 15-20 minutes before you wash it off with water, use a cotton pad to clean off in the last if your face feels oily.

2.3. Sugar

Sugar contains glycolic acid, it is a natural chemical found in the sugar cane which helps in exfoliation and helps in separating dead and new skin cells.

The only important thing you need to consider is that sugar crystals are not very big and have to be used in a careful manner on your face and skin, especially when you’re using them on sensitive skin.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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Just use some sugar and mix it into any natural oil like coconut or almond and apply this thick paste with a brush. After it dries down, wash it off with water.

2.4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid and alpha-hydroxy acid which is a very good skin exfoliant and can be used as an exfoliation mixed with sugar and applying the paste on the face and skin.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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Another feature of lemon juice as an exfoliant is that it helps to remove dead skin cells along with brightening your skin and making it more plump.

If you have sensitive skin be very careful before using lemon juice and probably do a patch test before actually exposing it to your face and do not let the paste stay for a longer time.

2.5. Papaya

Papaya is a very helpful exfoliant, which helps to clear dead skin and improves blood circulation.

It makes your skin elastic and smooth because it dissolves the keratin in the dead skin.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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For exfoliation make a paste by mashing the papaya, apply this paste on your face, and let it stay for 10-15 minutes.

Wash your face with water. Papaya has papain which has exfoliating qualities and is good for oily and combination skin types because it cleans out pores, and also prevents acne.

2.6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not just a healthy food choice, but also a very effective exfoliant to remove dead skin, specifically for dry and sensitive skin.

It is very gentle on the skin and has anti-inflammatory characteristics which makes your skin soft and smooth.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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To exfoliate naturally using oatmeal, combine oats with oil or honey whatever you like and then apply this paste on your face. After letting it sit for 5-7 minutes rinse it with water.

2.7. Coffee

Coffee is an excellent exfoliant that helps to clear skin and remove the deposited dirt and dead cells from your skin. It is a very effective cleanser, helps to clean skin, and makes it plump.

How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally
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It also helps to clear our dark spots and wrinkles. For exfoliation take ground coffee with your preferred oil and form a thick paste, apply this on your face or any part of your body with your fingers.

Now let it rest for five minutes before you wash it off.

3. How to Exfoliate Skin Naturally – Dos and Donts

To understand how to exfoliate skin naturally we should keep in mind certain things.

First make sure that you do not exfoliate if your skin is damaged severely by the sun, or you have acne or extreme breakouts. Also make sure you do not over-exfoliate, as this will render your skin and make it more prone to skin damage.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that what is your skin type, as it can be anything between dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or normal skin. Choose only those products or mechanisms which are suitable for your skin.


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Anushree Khandelwal
  1. using coffee and coffee-based products as an exfoliant worked for me really well.
    Thank you for the excellent suggestion.

  2. I was wondering how to exfoliate skin with natural remedies then i crossed through this post. It was really helpful. i used the yogurt exfoliation because my skin is very sensitive but after using it my skin was more glowing and i really loved how it worked without any discomfort. Thanks for this informative post.

  3. I use mild natural exfoliants too. Papaya and yogurt are great exfoliants. They do not scratch the skin and prevent fine lines that other harsher exfoliants might cause. I use papaya and yogurt but I was looking to switch my routine. This article explores other alternatives, something that I was looking for.

    1. Thank you for sharing valuable information on the benefits of exfoliating skin naturally. It’s important to strike a balance and be mindful of skin types and conditions. Honey’s natural properties, like gluconic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, indeed make it a beneficial choice for exfoliation and skincare. Consistent and proper exfoliation can contribute to a healthier, more vibrant complexion by promoting cell turnover and addressing various skin concerns.

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